Dinner Party (OPEN to ALL)

Sunday, April 18, 2004
Time: 06:00 PM
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Dinner Party (OPEN to ALL)

The Chapter of Northern California (CNC) of Sharif University Association invites all associates and their families and friends to a Persian dinner on Sunday, April 18 at 6PM in David's Banquet
Restaurant in Santa Clara. This is a great opportunity for networking while dining and enjoying live Persian music. This event is open to everyone. Specially, we encourage all Iranian academics living in Northern California to attend this event.

When: Sunday April 18 - Start at 6PM, Dinner at 7PM, Adjourn at 12AM.
Where: David's Banquet and Conference Room
5131 Stars and Stripes Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel: 408-986-1666
Website: http://www.davidsbanquetfacility.com
Contact Info: Should you need more information, please contact farzanf at acm dot org

Direction: http://www.davidsbanquetfacility.com/mapdirections/

Live Persian music performance by Ostad Nejad and a group of Sharif Associates as well as DJ music.

Before Saturday April 3: Adults $50, Kids between 5-10 $20, Kids under 5 Free.
Between April 3 and April 10: Adults $55, Kids between 5-10 $20, Kids
under 5 Free.
No reservation is accepted after Saturday April 10.


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