Historical perspective of major Islamic events after Hazrate Mohammad (pbuh)

Saturday, April 17, 2004
Time: 07:30 PM
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Program Date: Saturday April 17
Quest speaker: Dr. Mohammad Bagher Bazaei
Topic: Historical perspective of major Islamic events after Hazrate Mohammad (pbuh)
Program start time: 7:30 PM

Dr. Mohammad Bagher Bazaei attended various theological and Islamic seminaries (Hausehay-e Elmiaya) in Iran since childhood and graduated from the National University of Iran in the field of Political and Social Science with an emphasis on Islamic studies in 1978. Bazaei obtained his Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science from University of California at Santa Barbara in 1991 (in conjunction with UC Berkeley) with strong emphasis on the religious studies and Islamic theology, history, and civilization. He has been teaching, lecturing, and conducting research on the subjects of "Islam and political development," "Classical and modern Islamic Political Thought," "Comparative Religions and Judeo-Christian and Islamic Theology," and sociology of religion at the University of California and other institutions. He is a Senior Commentator and
Talk-Show host of a Sunday morning program called "Cultural and Religious Issues" for satellite and cable-based Melli TV which is broadcasted globally both in Farsi and English. Bazaei is also a
speaker and lecturer at the IMAN Foundation.

For more information check www.iccnc.org

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