Poetry Workshop

Thursday, April 1, 2004
Time: 07:45 PM
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For Anne
With Annie gone,
whose eyes to compare
with the morning sun?
Not that I did compare,
But I do compare now that she is gone Leonard Cohen

In our next session on Youssef and Zoleikha, we will read Jami's poems on the melancholic state of the lover in absence of the beloved.

Place: St. Catherine's Anglican church
1058 Ridgewood Drive
Edgemont Village,
North Vancouver

Date: Thursday April 1st , 2004
Time: 7: 45 ( gather 7: 45 , talk 8.00) To 9: 40 pm.
Reception: Chai, Coffee & Shirini.
Please sign-in at tea-break.
Volunteers are welcomed for cultural activities.
Audio Records of previous workshops on : Rumi, Attar, Hatef Esfehani, Sheikh Bahaei, Abu Saeed Abol Kheir, Jaami, Nasser Khosro, Mansour Hallaj, Parvin Etesaami, Nezami, Sanaee, Ferdosi, Hafez, Modern, Shehrezad (1001 nights), Norouz & Spring, and Golshan Raaz are available in cassette tapes (can also be provided in CD). Video records are available on Golshan Raaz. and Sherezad. "Rumi for Today", Jami: in Progress
For more information please contact :
Sherkat (604) 925 1676 msherkat@portal.ca
Balouch (604) 980 7775 abbasbalouch@netscape.net
Mory Ghomshei (604) 780 8599 mory@interchange.ubc.ca

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