Kamran and Hooman Concert

Saturday, October 15, 2005
Time: 07:00 PM
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Hey do any of you guys know when either kamran hooman or arash are going to be coming to boston/conneticiut/new jersey/ or new york??????? PLZZZZZZZZZ TELL ME SOOOON THANKS SOO MUCH!!!!

Posted by: Nazita at 2005-09-30 22:47:02

Hey, do u know when kamran and hooman gonna have a concert in atlanta or texas? plz tell me as soon as possible. thx sooo much

Posted by: Narges at 2005-10-08 03:51:33


Posted by: laleh at 2005-10-22 22:47:32

salam hooman jan man vaghean shomaro dost daram makhastam bedonam shoma iditun chie?

Posted by: niloofar at 2005-10-23 18:52:08

salam hoomane azizam man vaghean shomaro dost daram mikhastam bedunam id shoma chie? I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Posted by: niloofar at 2005-10-23 18:55:58

geegare 2tatoono ghorboone 2tatoon

Posted by: behnaz at 2005-10-23 20:55:09

salam hooman va kamran faghat montazeram in mail betun befreste va javabamo bedin dust daram batun harf bezanam age mail darin lotfan baram befrestid.. jodahafez

Posted by: ... at 2005-10-24 21:02:59

salam man ashegh ham kamranam ham hooman vali bishtar kamran

Posted by: laleh at 2005-10-26 11:56:04

هومن و کامران عزیز من شما را خیلی خیلی دوست دارم با وجود اینکه این حرفا تکراری ست...من میخوام بگم شما ها تک و بی همتا هستین علاوه بر اینکه کارتون خیلی خیلی عالی ست من متولد 4 آذر هستم کامران و هومن عزیز پیشاپیش تولدتان را هم تبریک میگویم امیدوارم همیشه پیروز و سر بلند باشید عزیزان شادان

Posted by: shadan at 2005-10-26 20:06:39

با سلام من خیلی خیلی خیلی شما رو دوست دارم گرچه این حرفا تکراری ست ولی بدونین تک هستین و در دنیا همتا ندارین تولدتان را پیشاپیش تبریک میگویم دوباره میگم من شما را خیلی خیلی خیلی دوست دارم

Posted by: شادان at 2005-10-26 20:10:58

ba salam va khasteh nabashid, man va dokhtaram chand ta taraneye makhsoos baraye shoma soroodim keh mayelim mostaghiman beh daste khodetun beresunim. lotfan rahnamayi konin keh chetor in kar ro bokonim. dar zemn baraye concerte dubai ham hozoor khahim dasht. ba tashakkor Ehsan va Romina

Posted by: Ehsan at 2005-10-28 10:04:19

salam man shomaro kheili kheili doost daram age mishe iditono be man bedin bye shekoofeh az tehran 21sale

Posted by: shekoofeh at 2005-10-29 12:28:32

hei my name is Yasmin i`m perser and i live in Norway!I love you guys Homma and kamran you are the Best!can you tell me when are you coming to Oslo:Love from Yasmin

Posted by: yasmin at 2005-11-03 17:00:56

salam khobi:D::D: kamran jan baba khobe nane chetor salam be abji beresoon bye:D:D:

Posted by: mohamad at 2005-11-04 18:50:43

hooman u are my all life i love u for ever kiss u

Posted by: sarvenaz at 2006-01-30 10:00:26

hiii kamran & homaan am mouza from UAE...i heared that u did a concert in Dubai...but i didn't went ur concert.. can anybody tell me when will kamran & homaan will come Dubai again..plzzzzzzzz i loved all ur songs soo much.... my all sisters liked ur songs... bye mouza

Posted by: mouza at 2006-01-30 12:04:48

hiii... i love both kamran & hooman they remind me of my bf (khayli khoshgelin oo 5ateratoon me5a bs mo beshtar:p)

Posted by: ..... at 2006-11-03 16:20:46

8asdam beed 5atara mo me5a beshtarato0n:P

Posted by: ..... at 2006-11-03 16:22:31

salam kheyli karatoon ghashange kheyli kheyli faght mikhastam bedoonam iditun chi hast? (hooman)

Posted by: romina at 2006-11-12 05:07:32

kamran va hoomane khoobam salam tavalodetoon ro pishapish tabrik migam va arezooye behtarinha ro baratoon daram hamishe dar kenare azizatoon salamat shad va movafagh bashid.

Posted by: parastoo at 2006-11-13 01:28:21

salam golaye man tavalodetoon mobarak doos dashtam mitoonestam behetoon gol hedye bedam vali khob hala ke nemishe baratoon 2a mikonam va az khoda mikham ta har chize khoobi ke azash mikhayn behetoon bede . khosh bashin /babye.

Posted by: parastoo at 2006-11-22 00:51:12

tavalodetoon mobaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak

Posted by: parastoo at 2006-11-23 03:28:13

کامران و هومن عزیزم سلام تولدتون مبارک امیدوارم بهترین سال زندگیتون رو(البته تا این لحظه) پیش رو داشته باشید همیشه خوش باشید

Posted by: پرستو at 2006-11-24 01:53:44

hooman joonam kamrane golam tavalodetoon mobarak kheyli doosetoon daram omidvaram hamishe zendegi be kametoon bashe babye

Posted by: parastoo at 2006-11-25 03:47:15

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Posted by: James at 2007-11-24 00:29:41

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Posted by: James at 2007-11-24 00:29:51

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Posted by: sasha brinkova at 2007-12-10 14:57:17

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Posted by: Golnaz at 2009-02-01 04:36:03


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