List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2005-10-13

    October 13th Invitation Irvine NIAC -Republicans vs. Democrats-

    Orange County Thursday - October 13, 2005     07:00 PM

    Oct 13 (Thurs)-OC: "Republicans vs. Democrats", an event organized by the So. California chapter of NIAC (National Iranian American Council) and co-sponsored by NIPOC. An informative evening of debate, followed by an audience Question and Answer segment. Representatives from both the Republican as well as Democratic party will give a presentation on the philosophical, economic, social and political policies that each party believes and the differences that

    separates them from the other, 7-9PM, @ Irvine City Hall (corner of Alton and Harvard), RSVP: Amir Sardari (714) 893-7805, RSVP email:,,


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