List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2005-10-21

    Special Presentation of a Documentary about a Group of Young Iranian Actresses

    Ontario - Toronto Friday - October 21, 2005     07:00 PM

    special presentation of “13 and Half” a 60 minutes documentary about a group of young Iranian actresses. directed by Abbas Ahmadi & Nader Davoodi.

    Date: October 21, 2005

    Time: 7:00 PM-8:30 PM

    Venue: Toronto, York University, Nat Taylor Cinema, Ross Bldg. North 102

    Admission is Free.

    DAVID & LAYLA film festival 1st screening

    New York Friday - October 21, 2005     09:30 PM

    1st screening Oct 21st Friday night 9:30 pm UA3 Admission Fee: $12. Hamptons International Film Festival, 30 Main Street, East Hampton, Long Island.

    David and Layla is a comedy about the sparks that fly when a Jew and a Muslim fall in love! A New York independent film inspired by a true story. Star-crossed lovers David & Layla: Romeo & Juliet in New York with a twist - spice, comedy & politics...via Iraq, Kurdistan & Israel! Layla is played by Persian American SHIVA ROSE MCDERMOTT (who is married to Dylan McDermott, film & TV star.) Music score includes KAYHAN KALHOR, THE KAMKARS & ALI AKBAR MORADI. Composed music is by RICHARD HOROWITZ (who also composed Oliver Stone's ANY GIVEN SUNDAY.) Vocals are by Horowitz's Iranian Kurdish wife SUSSAN DEYHIM. 1st screening Oct 21st Friday night 9:30 pm UA3 Admission Fee: $12

    UA- United Artists multiplex theatre complex. UA theaters hold 212 seats. Friday night is likely to sell out. So you might like to purchase your tickets now: On internet at By toll free 'phone to 1 866 HIFF TIX. Hope you stay to participate in a Q & A after each screening with the director and the principal cast & crew. This romantic sensual comedy showing in a political “Conflict & Resolution” program is likely to be a lively occasion! DAVID & LAYLA is the only romantic comedy in the otherwise political & social “Conflict & Resolution" Competition of HIFF- Hampton Intl Film Festival. Film info at: Festival info at:

    Date and Time: Friday, October 21, 2005 9:30 PM

    E - Mail:


    Other Contact Info: "Jay Jonroy’s DAVID & LAYLA (USA, World Premiere) is a film about an impossible romance that gets at the heart of the hypocritical stereotypes and illusions we all have about differing cultures and religions. David (David Moscow), a young Jewish man finds Layla (Shiva Rose McDermott), a beautiful Muslim immigrant, and can’t get her off his mind. But her Kurdish culture doesn’t mix with his Upper East Side origins, and both lovers can’t help but mislead their families about one another as they try to begin their affair. A true comedy of errors ensues from temple to mosque, from perversion to conversion, and all the while their passions increase regardless of their unlikely attraction.” “Films of Conflict & Resolution program, consisting of films that are unique in their multi-faceted of conflict around the world. This year’s Films of Conflict & Resolution section in a showcase for works that use the medium of film to promote transformation. Every film in this program was made against industry odds, but with the belief that these stories, once viewed by audiences, would resonate with a potent message. Our mission is to utilize the power of cinema to increase awareness and understanding of the human realities of war and conflict. We present current and archival work made by filmmakers from around the globe, who in the face of intense, strive to illuminate the realities of the world around them—and thus foster the process of peace and conflict resolution through their vision and their art."

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