Saturday, January 20, 2007
Time: 09:00 PM
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Special Event: Grand Opening Party of Flavor Thursdays @ Supper
Presented by SupperCLUB, Mirza Party, Sol Y Luna, Tony Kutulas, & Rhythm Ethics

SF's Hottest New Thursday Party

Appreciation Party, Free all RSVP needed!!!

Thursday, Jan. 18th


SupperCLUB, 657 Harrison St.

Every 3rd Saturday of the Month
@ Roe NightClub & Lounge

Featuring Supper-Star House DJs
Michael Anthony (SF)
& Trevor James (LA)
3 Levels: Persian, Hip-Hop, and House

and Persian DJs
Hamed (Blutex)
& Nazanin (#1 Persian Girl DJ)

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Pictures of Previous Levitate Events!

SYL, Sebastien Ent, Tony Kutulas, Mirza Party, & Rhythm Ethics present...

Saturday, Jan. 20th


Club Privé @ Roe

651 Howard St.

San Francisco

     OK, OK, now you've probably made it to half a dozen Levitate parties and you already know it's an amazing party that's about to celebrate it's 1 year anniversary. Yes, it's been 9 months of amazing parties and everyone has been out-staged by the next, that's how we've kept it fresh and growing.

     Well, this month's party at Roe is going to be even more amazing...we have a special guest, SF's most revered house DJ, Michael Anthony, will be hitting the decks for a special 3 hour set of the most beautiful house music to ever hit your ears. The sexy throbbing sounds of his house tracks will keep you moving all the way to 3AM.

     OK, so one headliner of Michael's caliber would be enough for any party, but like we said, we step it up every time so...Flying in to join Michael on the house floor is one of LA's hottest House DJs and a musical magician in his own right, Trevor James! Together they'll be a tag teaming duex in the main room, playing what is guaranteed to be the most amazing House sets ever to hit SF.

     DJs Hamed(AKA Blutex) will be blowing up the Meditterranean grooves in a Persian VIP Room. Hamed is hands down, the most amazing Persian DJ in the city. His mixes are flawless, you won't even realize that the song has changed. Joining him is a special guest and one of the sexiest DJs in the city, DJ Nazanin. Her Avant Garde mixes are truly breath-taking and really take the music to another level.

     And last but not least, polishing off the DJ list, we have our resident, Greg the Groove, mixing up his mind-blowing mixes of Mash-ups, Hip-Hop, and Salsa music on the top floor.

     With this fantastic combination, there's no doubt that 3rd Sat's @Roe will continue to be the best Saturday monthly in the city. Due to the popularity of Levitate Saturday, we highly suggest arriving early to avoid the long line. We have a strict dress code for this event so please dress to impress.

See you there.
-Arash & Houdini

Stay tuned for our big upcoming events:

January 18th - Flavor Thurday @ supperCLUB - Flyer Front - Flyer Back

January 20th - Levitate Saturdays @ ROE NIGHTCLUB - Flyer Front - Flyer Back

January 27th - Cosmo @ Icon Ultra Lounge - Flyer Front - Flyer Back

Febuary 3rd - Level @ Crash NIGHTCLUB @ CRASH

Febuary 17th - Levitate Saturdays @ ROE NIGHTCLUB

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Reviewed/approved by Houdini Sol Y Luna.


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