List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2007-01-31

    TLC Network's new show "Anything For My Kid"

    Los Angeles Wednesday - January 31, 2007     09:00 AM

    For the next week, January 31st thru February 9th, we are searching for fun Persian parents in the Los Angeles metro area with TONS of personality. Are you throwing your child the BEST, most CREATIVE and IMAGINATIVE party of the year? Is your child just as much fun as you are? Apply to be on the TLC Network's "Anything For My Kid." **We'd Love to Meet You!**

    Senior Parent's Club Gatherings

    Bay Area - East Bay Wednesday - January 31, 2007     06:00 PM

    Senior Parent's Club Gatherings on last Wed of each month
    from 6-9pm at the Persian Center, at 2029 Durant Ave., off of
    Shattuck in Berkeley.
    Jan 31, Shahpour (Shawn) Matloob Attorney at Law.
    Immigration & Citizenship attorney. He will discuss the benefits
    and requirements of becoming a U.S. citizen and will answer
    questions about U.S. citizenship and other immigration matters.
    (510) 848-0264.

    Persian Allegories: From Philosophy to Mysticism

    New York Wednesday - January 31, 2007     06:15 PM

    Lecture by Professor Nasrollah Pourjavady. Organized by the Area Studies Division of Columbia Libraries and the Middle East Institute at Columbia University.

    Iranian Film: Bashu, the Little Stranger (Bashu, Gharibeye Koochak) by Bahram Beizai. 1989

    New York Wednesday - January 31, 2007     06:30 PM

    Hailed as one of the masterpieces of post-revolutionary Iranian cinema, Bashu, the Little Stranger opens during an Iraqi air-raid on a small Iranian village bordering the war-front in Khuzestan. When 10-year old Bashu’s loses his home and his entire family in the raid he takes refuge in a truck that unexpectedly drives north, close to the Russian border. There he is assumed to be ‘wild’ because of his incomprehensible dialect and dark skin; only Nai, a mother of two whose husband is away for work, takes pity on him. Soon she and Bashu weave a relationship strong enough that Bashu’s traumatic experience with the war makes way for hope and trust. In Persian, Arabic and Gilaki w/English subtitles.

    Jan 31, 6:30 pm @ Cantor Film Center, 36 E. 8th St. New York NY 10003

    Advanced tickets available @

    General: $10, Student/Senior: $8

    Journalism Fundraiser

    New York Wednesday - January 31, 2007     07:00 PM

    The Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association is holding a fundraiser at Earth NYC, 116A Tenth Ave (between 17th and 18th Streets), New York.

    Please buy tickets

    Film: The Legend of Love (Cherikeye Hooram)by Farhad Mehranfar. Iran, 2000

    New York Wednesday - January 31, 2007     09:00 PM

    Set among the high cliffs of western Iran in the heart of Kurdistan, The Legend of Love tells the story of Khazar, a female doctor who sets out on a journey searching for Hooram, the man she loves. Once a medical student, Hooram has quit school to work at a clinic for the victims of the Iran-Iraq war. Khazar carries with her a tape recording he made explaining his departure. When she plays it, he appears in front of her. The journey takes her through magical rituals and myths of Kurdish culture, among them the Kurdish "legend of love" which gives the film its title. The result is a remarkably rich portrait of Kurdish history and culture set in spectacular landscapes. Above all it confronts the problem of Kurdish isolation and marginalization . In Persian w/English subtitles.

    Jan 31, 9 pm @ Cantor Film Center, 36 E. 8th St, New York NY 10003

    Advanced tickets available @

    General: $10, Student/Senior: $8

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