Perian Parade 2005

Sunday, March 20, 2005
Time: 12:00 PM
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The second Persian Parade Day, expected to draw tens of thousands of participants and spectators will be held in New York City in commemoration of the Nowruz, the Persian New Year, along Madison Avenue at 41stStreet on Sunday March 20, 2005. Due to the event’s overwhelming success last year, the Persian Parade is sponsored in part by the non-profit public Persian-Iranian Parade Foundation. The Parade will once again provide the opportunity to display the immense contributions made by the Iranian American Community in North America. The parade not only exhibits their historical and cultural heritage, but will also proudly celebrates with much pride the contemporary contributions made by the peoples of Iranian ancestry towards the betterment of the quality of life in the U.S. and Canada, and entire world. The parade is celebrated in the context of Nowruz, the commemoration of rejuvenation of life.

The event is anticipated to attract immense Community enthusiasm across the continent, especially in the four Northeastern States of CT, NJ, NY, and PA. The event features astatically designed floats, musical and marching bands, dance groups, DJs, cultural and archaeological icons, folk songs, theatrical performances, as well as the participation of professional and religious associations which will fully participate.

An annual event of such merit and scope can only be institutionalized through the generous financial contributions of benefactors and philanthropists including the founding members, the gracious sponsorship by the businesses and unique cultural, professional and religious centers, and substantive input by a cadre of volunteers that truly represent our colorful spectrum.

At this time, the Organizing Committee, comprised of professionals who have committed their own resources to this noble cause, is most urgently seeking the endorsement, sponsorship and full fledged participations of Iranian-American Organizations, Mass Media and Institutions from ALL walks of life, including religions, ethnicities, and cultural diversities. Individuals and groups with talents illustrating the rich Persian heritage and/or its diverse folk cultures, and volunteers who will serve on various committees especially on the day of the parade, and benefactors who will contribute toward the success of the event, are particularly encouraged to contact the Organizing Committee by calling 1-888-PARADE9 or via email . Please visit the Parade website at for upcoming information and feedback. Your favorable consideration while serving as the steward of this one of a kind Community event is sought and gratefully appreciated. When successfully implemented, this would once again demonstrate the true unified image and stellar contributions of our Community to the American public and set a new legendary milestone for the future to be reckoned with. Please consider this as your own Parade by feeling entitled and empowered to fully join in.

For the Parade Steering Committee,

Dr. & Mrs. Nahid & Shahrokh AHKAMI, M.D.

Drs. Mahshid Arafania ASSADI, M.D. & Cyrus ASSADI, M.D.

Dr. & Mrs. Nina & Zia GHAVAMI, M.D.

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Dear Founding Families, You've made the best of our dreams come true. I feel indebted to you for ever. God bless you all. I LOVE YOU.

Posted by: Davoud Etemadi at 2005-03-06 09:17:10

Holding a parade to celebrate Nowrooz is an honorable achievement, whether it is done by a Not-For-Profit organization or by a private corporation who wants to make some money, or by both of them, or more. What matters at this moment is not to waste the momentum generated by last year's parade and let the parade tradition to take root. This will benefit everybody no matter what the intention. For parade to be successful, whoever claiming to hold parade must do it in a decent way, and must be careful not to make just another mockery of Iranian people in front of the world by holding a low quality parade or deranging other organizers' efforts. Whoever preventing the parade to grow or messing it up, definitely has some agenda against the advancement of Iranian culture. I want to thank the hard work of all those who sincerely are trying to establish a vitalizing tradition for future generations of Iranians. Please don't be disheartened by difficulties. I wish you the best. thanks again.

Posted by: NYC Resident at 2005-03-06 10:48:52

We had a family reunion in NYC and stumbled into this Persian parde yesterday. WOW! WE loved it, culture presented at its best within a city that displays hundreds of cultures throughout the year! Kudos to the Organizers and this "Perian American " Communit for giving us so much.

Posted by: Kevin Johnson at 2005-03-21 08:01:29

Me and my family enjoyed New York Persian parade immensely. I am hoping that organizing a parade will become the primary form of celebrating Nowruz in all places where Iranians live. I beleive no other form of celebration is as vitalizing as a parade or "daste-ye nowruzi". I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all the organizers of the parade for their hard work and for their love of Nowruz. I appreciate the lack of resources they face, their challenges, their faith in doing something good. I appreciate their belief in themselves and in the fact that practice is what counts, mere talking and preaching is easy, but simply does not count for anything. I believe everybody who was part of the parade and all who came to watch the parade deserve credit. Most of us enjoyed our first day of the year, and our celebration of nowrooz in its most social, and most joyful form. I believe the group of eight young Iranians, four boys and four girls, dancing traditional persian dances did a superb job. Their dances are what most of us have always danced in our quality times, and will always dance. Those dances are dear to our hearts, and they danced them better than anybody I have ever seen and they did it the way our best thinkers imagined it. Yek dast jaam-e baadeh va yek dast zolf-e yaar, raghsi chonin miaane-ye maidaanam arezosst I could witness anybody watching them, young and old, men and women to appreciate the sense of care and freedom, liveliness, joyfulness and playfulness of their movements. Definitely Iranian taste has not made any mistake making this kind of dance (6/8) the very essence of their social dance. I want to thank these young people, they are definitely part of a brave generation who wants to kick out the traditions of sorrow out of Iranian culture, and protect and grow its elements of joy. Har roozetaan nowruz, nowruzetan pirooz.

Posted by: Amoo Nowruz at 2005-03-21 13:03:11

The first part of the parade was a total disgrace to all Iranians. It was truly a horse's parade. Since the Board of Trustees are made of horses one would not expected much more. We loved the second part of the parade which was organized well and professionally done. We were proud to see all the floats that were meticulously designed to show parts of Iran.

Posted by: Abbas Restomi at 2005-03-23 18:44:34

Three couples who claim that they are the owners of the parade with a young Kurd Hazballah tried to ruin the parade for everyone. These people are there to pocket money and make a name for themselves and steal money away from the parade account. We know that they had the full support of the Islamic Republic government that provided you with two floats. They are nothing but a bunch of cowards and thieves.

Posted by: Omid at 2005-03-23 18:57:25

Dr. Akhami, the self-proclaimed leader of the Persian Parade is now the number one killer and abortionist who has been on probation by the NJ Board of Medical Examiners. His license has been suspended several times for committing many malpractice acts. His fake personality and phony tears reminds everyone that we should all take acting lessons to put on such a performance.

Posted by: Asgher Mohtaber at 2005-03-23 19:06:13


Posted by: SHOHREH at 2005-03-24 17:27:17

WoW1 So much positive Irnain energy in one Manhattan Street! We loved it and so did thousands of spectators, both Persian American but equally sgnificant the American and foreign tourists and passerbies..... Don't let so much posiitive momentum die out simply because you have a few rotten apples, actually one, in your huge box of apple! Kepp up your spirit HIGH, walk straight, do your best, and do not bring yourself down tooe ven engaging any negatives.....

Posted by: Terrence Z. Ward at 2005-03-25 07:13:03

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