List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2005-03-14

    New Iranian Documentary @ Cleveland Int'l Film Fest

    Ohio Monday - March 14, 2005     12:30 PM

    MONDAY 03/14/2005, 12:30 pm
    TUESDAY 03/15/2005, 9:45 pm

    One week each year Iranians stay out all night. Women abandon legal curfews. Men weep. Communities gather to mourn their saint's death, ask that wishes be granted, give thanks for prayers answered. While this week showcases Iran's most restrictive religious elements, it offers openings for this culture's most intimate connections. Is a change in the perception of love inherently political because it affects individuals and their view of the world?

    Using the weeklong Ashura festival as a framework, THE COLOR OF LOVE documents the changing face of love and politics in the ancient city of Shiraz. As the older generation performs cathartic rituals, the city's youth are left to their own devices. They spend this time cruising the public squares, hoping for a sideways glance or a brief note from a potential lover. The film's 29-year-old, New York-based director investigates the way these shifting mores have surfaced in a culture entrenched in traditional values and how they have been influenced by western culture in the form of satellite television and the Internet. By interviewing different generations of Iranians, Keshavarz attempts to uncover how ideas of love, romance, marriage and sex have evolved in a society
    where politics and culture are inextricably linked.

    # #

    “Warm and wise, heartfelt documentary “The Color of Love” shed light on the changing face of love, sex, and relationships in contemporary Iran. Likely to be an eye-opener for Western auds used to media images portraying a strictly hidebound society…” Eddie Cockrell, VARIETY MAGAZINE

    “ The film goes beyond the footage of anti-American demonstrations and tries to understand the people behind the sensational headlines….a lyrical , off the cuff snapshot of the real lives of real people in Iran.” Brendan Kelly, THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL

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    Publicist : Sean Shodahl
    tel. 718-928-4365,

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    Discussion/Book Signing

    Bay Area - East Bay Monday - March 14, 2005     02:30 PM

    Discussion / Signing

    Barnes & Noble Walnut Creek

    Monday March 14th at 2:30

    Homa A. Garemani

    Homa Garemani's book, Fortress of the Golden Dragon, is a spell-binding story that was inspired by the tenth-century Iranian epic, the Shah Nameh (book of king), the crown jewel of Iranian Literature.

    The novel is a mythic story depicting the eternal cosmic fight between the power of light and the force of darkness. Representing the soul of the town is a maiden who finds a worm in an apple that makes her spindle incredibly fast. This opens doors of fame and fortune to her family and the town. The small town becomes a thriving city wherein good and evil battle for supremacy.

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