Discussion/Book Signing

Monday, March 14, 2005
Time: 02:30 PM
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Discussion / Signing

Barnes & Noble Walnut Creek

Monday March 14th at 2:30

Homa A. Garemani

Homa Garemani's book, Fortress of the Golden Dragon, is a spell-binding story that was inspired by the tenth-century Iranian epic, the Shah Nameh (book of king), the crown jewel of Iranian Literature.

The novel is a mythic story depicting the eternal cosmic fight between the power of light and the force of darkness. Representing the soul of the town is a maiden who finds a worm in an apple that makes her spindle incredibly fast. This opens doors of fame and fortune to her family and the town. The small town becomes a thriving city wherein good and evil battle for supremacy.

From: laili javid (lailij@yahoo.com)

From: Nassrin Barabi (bnassrinb@yahoo.com)

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