LAILA @ RUBY SKYE BY AYKUT EVENTS..."Taking One of Our BEST Events to Another Level Again at San Francisco’s Number One Nightclub "RUBY SKYE"

Friday, May 29, 2009
Time: 09:00 PM
420 Mason Street
San Francisco
Phone: 415.260.9920
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LAILA Parties don’t come around often But when it does, ROCKS THE CITY BY THE BAY!!!

We are taking it to another level again on Friday May 29
at San Francisco’s Number One Nightclub "RUBY SKYE PALACE"...

Beautiful Dancers, Percussionists, Ruby Skye's extraordinary lighting
and custom made sound system, Two-levels, 4 Rooms, Several VIP areas
and another spectacular night w/ The BEST Intl. crowd in town!

DJ AYKUT, DJ NADER and DJ DR T will on the decks to have you experience
San Francisco's International Sound w/ the BEST mix of European,
Middle Eastern, Latin and Brazilian House tunes.

The Doors Open at 9pm and Party till ????

(Less Expensive in Advance and Faster Entry):

Celebrating Marisa Escalera, RTA GH and Michael Lambrinov's Birthdays!!

It will be another FANTASTIC evening...We can NOT wait!!
Look forward to seeing you guys all there!!


Please See Our Previous Party Pics Here:

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