Kamran and Hooman Concert at Avalon

Friday, April 1, 2005
Time: 09:00 PM
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kamran and hooman back in bay area.....

its in avalon
777 lawrence exp way

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Hey everyone, i was just wondering when and where this concert is!! I also wanted to know if this concert only lets people 21 and over come cause thats what i heard at another website! Please help me out...i'm so confused!! Love, Melody

Posted by: Melody at 2005-03-14 18:27:08

salam mikonam be hooman joon az inja mibosam hoomano har jay ke hast kheyli ziyad hoomano dost daram i love so much hooman hooman my love ba bye

Posted by: maedeh at 2005-03-15 13:39:10

oh god lmao not again...my cousins friends with them they're weird! It's 21 and over to wheover asked.

Posted by: mahsa at 2005-03-15 23:51:53

salam be hooman va kamrane azaim man khatere 14 salame va vaghan shoma ha ro kheili dost daram mamnon misham age aksatono behem bedin I LOVE YOU@};-

Posted by: khatere at 2005-03-18 07:09:19

im 100% sure its gonna be 18+, most concerts at avalon have been 18+ dont see why it would change. i could be wrong, but most likely itd be 18+.

Posted by: kain at 2005-03-21 00:11:30

saalam, Hooman and Kamran!! Ilove your music, because it's for young people.. I like it. I Love you Kamran and Hooman.. and your music kamran you sing very well. It's o.k. Bye for now sweetheart... Lots of Love Monika...

Posted by: Monika at 2005-03-21 07:50:16

April 1 KAMRAN AND HOOMAN ALL AGES $35 IN ADVANCE DOORS 8:30PM should be good.

Posted by: someone at 2005-03-21 23:48:35

yea its definitely 18 and over...Poorang and Kamrang are barely 18 and over...

Posted by: Samson at 2005-03-22 00:06:53

plz dont guide people when you are not sure about your answer .... I have checked it many times , and also I saw this in NIMA TV .., and there was a line saying" For All Ages" it is not 18 and over .... and i think these infos are right April 1st KAMRAN AND HOOMAN ALL AGES $35 IN ADVANCE DOORS 8:30PM

Posted by: solaris at 2005-03-22 10:26:41


Posted by: maral at 2005-03-22 11:23:34

man kamran & hooman shomaro kheyli doost daram va omidvaram roozi beshe ke man shomaro az nazdik bebinam

Posted by: Nune at 2005-03-23 13:30:24

man maryam asheghetonam. kheily dost daram dar yeki az konsertaton bebinameton.arezo daram rozi toye Iran vaseyeye hameye iranihaye ke asheghone shoma va musicetono dost daran bekhonin. omidvaram sale ke shoro kardid sali bashe ke be hameye arezohaye ghashangeton beresin. dostare hamishegeye shoma maryam

Posted by: maryam at 2005-03-25 23:30:15

can anyone tell me how to get tickets for this show? i went to sfpersians.com and the website doesnt work. please advise thanks

Posted by: layla at 2005-03-27 22:02:53

hooman o kamran ey val kheyli karetoon doroste kheyli har 2toono doost daram , hoomannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i love uuuuuuuu

Posted by: paria at 2005-03-28 03:24:37

salam man dariush va hooman va kamran ro hamasho doost daram age toonesty dariush ye email be man bezan

Posted by: sina at 2005-03-28 11:17:40

salam man az shoma kheili khosham miyad va kheili khoshal shodam vaghti az black cats joda shodin chonke khodeto ghashangtar mikhobin.

Posted by: aida at 2005-03-29 08:58:10

hey im confused too, where is avalon anywayz? please help me out oh yeh by the way hey kamran and hooman i love uz so so so much luv ya lots sahar

Posted by: sahar at 2005-03-30 05:07:57

Salaam, Does anyone know of upcoming kamran and hooman concerts aside from 4/1/005 in the Bay area or even in Canada?

Posted by: samira at 2005-04-01 00:04:23

salam, man yek soal daram: aya bilit har ra az dame dar adam bayad bekhare??? ya az ghabl???

Posted by: nazanin at 2005-04-01 01:12:44

GoooooooooooooD QuestioN I Think It Is Better To BuY BeFore GoinG TherE...

Posted by: Solaris at 2005-04-01 14:25:33

the tickets are also available at the door also available in any persian store and on www.nightclubavalon.com

Posted by: Solaris at 2005-04-01 15:38:24

salam kamran&hooman hale shoma khobe man shoma2ta ro kheyle dost daram enshaalah iran azad she shoma betonin biayn iran ghorbane shoma farshid

Posted by: Farshid at 2005-04-03 11:17:27

it was awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Posted by: nazanin at 2005-04-03 18:00:25

salam be kamran va hooman azizam.man vida hastam 19 sal daram va asheghane khodetoon va ahang hatoon ro doost daram.

Posted by: vida at 2005-04-04 03:26:39

salam be kamran va hooman azizam.man vida hastam 19 sal daram va asheghane khodetoon va ahang hatoon ro doost daram.man az karajhastam

Posted by: vida at 2005-04-04 03:26:58

salam be kamran va hooman azizam.man vida hastam 19 sal daram va asheghane khodetoon va ahang hatoon ro doost daram.man az karajhastam

Posted by: vida at 2005-04-04 03:27:09

salam be kamran va hooman azizam man vida hastam va 19 sal daram .va az iran hastam.man vaghan asheghane shoma va ahanghaye shoma ro doost daram .omidvaram shoma ro dar iran e azad bebinam

Posted by: kamranhooman at 2005-04-04 03:33:01

salam man kheili ahangaye shoma & hamchenin khodetono dost daram makhsosan alan ke ahange (nomreye bist) ro shenidam . man va tamame iranie to iran montazere shoma hastim we looove you

Posted by: saleh at 2005-04-08 09:24:51

Salam mikonam be kamran azizam kheily dooset daram hooman ham kheily jigar shode hardoton kheily mahid I Love Kamran

Posted by: Shabnam at 2005-04-10 06:52:16

salam hooman va kamrane azizam kheili doseton daram.man marjan az tehran 20 salame,music haton harf nadare,be omide didar,kiss

Posted by: marjan at 2005-04-10 10:27:45

Salam Be Shoma Dadashaye Khob , Kamran & Hooman Omidvaram Haleton khob Bashe , Hamishe Salamato Saro Hal Bashin , Kamran Jan Kheili Sedat Ghashange Azizam , Hame Asheghe Shoma Hastan , Makhsoosan Pedaram ke Aslan Mosighi gosh nemide !!!!!! Ba Arezooye Movafaghiat

Posted by: Mina at 2005-04-12 10:48:23

Salam Kamran wa Hooman, Man chejli choschal schodam umadam conzertetun tu Köln. Man dotatuno Dust Daram. I Love you so much. Big Kisses. Your Elmira. From Germany (München) Ischala biain Munich

Posted by: Elmira at 2005-04-13 05:15:33

salam hooman jo0o0o0o0nam wa kamrane azizam man asheghetoonam fadatoon miham age lazem bashe baratoon ham mimiram kholase hoomanam kheeli kheeli dooset daram wa mikhastam begam ke age in ra khoondi be man 1 email bezan tore khoda kare wajebi bahat daram, dooset daram barat mimiram wa to faghat male mani bye bye doostan

Posted by: ghazaleh at 2005-04-13 06:44:13

salam hooman jo0o0o0o0nam wa kamrane azizam man asheghetoonam fadatoon miham age lazem bashe baratoon ham mimiram kholase hoomanam kheeli kheeli dooset daram wa mikhastam begam ke age in ra khoondi be man 1 email bezan tore khoda kare wajebi bahat daram, dooset daram barat mimiram wa to faghat male mani bye bye doostan

Posted by: ghazaleh at 2005-04-13 06:44:19

salam hooman jo0o0o0o0nam wa kamrane azizam man asheghetoonam fadatoon miham age lazem bashe baratoon ham mimiram kholase hoomanam kheeli kheeli dooset daram wa mikhastam begam ke age in ra khoondi be man 1 email bezan tore khoda kare wajebi bahat daram, dooset daram barat mimiram wa to faghat male mani bye bye doostan

Posted by: ghazaleh at 2005-04-13 06:44:40

salam hooman jo0o0o0o0nam wa kamrane azizam man asheghetoonam fadatoon miham age lazem bashe baratoon ham mimiram kholase hoomanam kheeli kheeli dooset daram wa mikhastam begam ke age in ra khoondi be man 1 email bezan tore khoda kare wajebi bahat daram, dooset daram barat mimiram wa to faghat male mani bye bye doostan

Posted by: ghazaleh at 2005-04-13 06:44:40

salam man neginam man shomahara kheili doseton daram enghadar ke axe hoomao andakhtam poshte safe camam hooman doset daram hamin tor to kamaran

Posted by: negin at 2005-04-14 01:43:47

salam hooman joon.man kheili doset daram.sedat kheili ghashange.age mishe aksato baram beferest. bye

Posted by: behnoosh at 2005-04-15 02:41:43

hey shoma khodeton site nadarin plz adresesho befrestin

Posted by: salo at 2005-05-25 18:53:28

hey shoma khodeton site nadarin plz adresesho befrestin man natonestam peida konam

Posted by: salo at 2005-05-25 18:54:19


Posted by: delvin at 2005-05-26 15:19:20

salam dost daram chand ta az akshaye shoma ra dashte basham

Posted by: soheila at 2005-05-31 13:45:23

salam kamran and hooman aziz dost daram chand ta az akshaye shoma ra dashte basham va ya ba ham be sorat email ertebat dashte bashim raste age deletoon khast baram begid chan sal darid man 23 sale va danshjoo hastam. dostare shoma

Posted by: soheila at 2005-05-31 13:52:05

dostet daram hooman kheli nazi mimiram barat!!!eshghe mani mail bezan azizam be britney_spears7708@yahoo.com ghorbonet beram hatman meyam konsertet ta az nazdik bebenamet azizam!!! nomreye biste kelasso nemekham faghat toro mikham only you hooman!!!!(i love you)Ba Bye

Posted by: melika at 2005-06-02 18:01:48

dostet daram hooooooooman mail bezan kheli dost dara,m faghat ye bar baram mail bezany ya bahat bechatam!!!ghorbonet Ba Bye

Posted by: melika at 2005-06-02 18:08:02

kheli az to khosham meyad aziam dostet daram !!! mail bezan vaght kardy Ba Bye

Posted by: roksana at 2005-06-02 18:11:17

baram mail bezan montazeram hatman!!! asheghone mikhamet!!! Byeeeeeeee

Posted by: melika at 2005-06-02 18:13:03

کامران عزیزم خیلی دوست دارم امیدوارم همیشه موفق باقی بمانیونجابتت را حفظ کنی.دوستدار تو شیوا

Posted by: شیوا at 2005-06-04 16:41:34

کامران عزیزم خیلی دوست دارم امیدوارم همیشه موفق باقی بمانی ونجابتت را حفظ کنی.دوستدار تو شیوا

Posted by: شیوا at 2005-06-04 16:42:24

salam baar hameye Iranian!!! omidvaraam hame khosh bashid, daar dakheleh iran va bironeh iran!! Hooman va Kamran, shoma dota baese Shadiye maardom haastin.!!!!!! Keep up tha good WOrk!!!! Pease up!!!! Persian LoVe 4 evEr, Some day we will go back to Persia, than we 'll meet!!!!

Posted by: katy tha persian honey at 2005-06-09 06:58:40

Love you for ever!!! ( Email me =P )

Posted by: Javad at 2005-06-09 20:56:17

Love you for ever!!! ( Email me =P )

Posted by: Javad at 2005-06-09 20:56:56

salam kamran va hoomane aziz khoob hastin? pas in albome 20 chera be bazar nemiad??????????????ma tooye iran kheili montazere in albome janjali hastim . baba ye kami ajaleh konin . mer30 be khatere hameye ahangaye ghashangetoon. WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. hamisheh doosetoon darim. montazere javabe mailam hastam . bye

Posted by: shamim at 2005-06-12 20:57:12

salam kamran va hoomane aziz khoob hastin? pas in albome 20 chera be bazar nemiad??????????????ma tooye iran kheili montazere in albome janjali hastim . baba ye kami ajaleh konin . mer30 be khatere hameye ahangaye ghashangetoon. WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. hamisheh doosetoon darim. montazere javabe mailam hastam . bye

Posted by: shamim at 2005-06-12 20:57:51

salam kamran va hoomane aziz khoob hastin? pas in albome 20 chera be bazar nemiad??????????????ma tooye iran kheili montazere in albome janjali hastim . baba ye kami ajaleh konin . mer30 be khatere hameye ahangaye ghashangetoon. WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. hamisheh doosetoon darim. montazere javabe mailam hastam . bye shamim_v634@yahoo.com

Posted by: shamim at 2005-06-12 21:03:18

Salam Hooman, bebin man yeki ro too iran mishnasam ke eyne to hast.ghiafash eyne toe. Man vaghean azat khosham miad. oon pesare ke shabite doost pesarameh. bye jigare man

Posted by: Maral at 2005-06-14 11:27:44

salam be shoma azizan man shoma ro kheyli doost daram va aksetoono gozashtam tooye kifam vaghti shoma dar NITV barname dashtin baratoon fax ferestadam ghorboonetoon beram bye

Posted by: sepideh at 2005-06-19 17:25:38

salam mikhastam biroon amadane albume 20 ra be kamran va hooman e aziz va company e avang va maryam heidarzadeh va ramin e zamani va aghaye siam tabrik begooyam va arezooye movafaghiyat baraye in do baradare gol va honarmand ra daram

Posted by: elaheh at 2005-06-23 06:37:03

salam kamran & hooman....shoma dota bekhoda kheili bahalin...dametoon garm...kheili ahanghaye ghashangi dorost mikonin...makhsoosan oon ahange "aghe eshghe man to nisti" kheili ghashange... man hamash daram gooshesh midam...hooman kheili khoshkeli:) kamran shoma ham kheili khoshkeli:) man oomadam consertetoon va shoma ro live didam too sweden va kheili khoshhal shodam...va film ham azatoon daram:) kheili bahalin...hamintori edame bedin chonke kheili sedatoon ghashange va hame doosetoon daran:) makhsoosan man:) man esmam nazanin hast va man 15 sale hastam:) azatoon kheili khosham miyad...shoma akhareshin...moafagh bashin dar zendegitoon

Posted by: Nazanin at 2005-06-23 19:12:31

to ro khoda hooman azizam be man e.mail bezan o delam ro shad kon , man har shab khabet ro mibinam be khod a doset daram age to ro doset daram khily zeyad mano bebakhsh age toee on ke faghat delam mikhad mano bebakhsh

Posted by: shamim at 2005-06-24 21:56:07

hooman jooooooooon mimiram barat to ro khoda behem mail bezan i love ou you are my dreams you are only my wish kiss you hooman

Posted by: shamim at 2005-06-24 22:23:26

I love you&your new album isvery good.tanksfor this album.

Posted by: mehrnoosh at 2005-06-27 15:04:09

salam.kheili ahangate ghashangi mikhoonid

Posted by: sabrina at 2005-07-14 19:49:06

salam hooman jan halet khobe man vaghean shoma ra doost daram . ahanghaee toooooooooooooopi ha darid ,vaghean dasteton dard nakone ba in albume zibayetan .gole royat ra mibosam ,kheili khoshgeli faghat in ke bebakhshid age in harfa mizanam mohat roie sorat bashe kheili khoshgeltari ,bye jigar baram e-mail bede plzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted by: simin at 2005-07-17 20:21:12

salam be har 2 tayiton kheyli bahalid man ke kheyli doosteton daram lotfan baram mail bezanid

Posted by: elmira at 2005-07-20 16:01:34

salam be kamran joonn va homan joon shoma nomreye 20 tin mesle hich kasi nistin ey vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal baba montazere mailetoon hastam be omide didar

Posted by: saeed at 2005-07-23 13:46:04

Hello dear Kamran and Hooman I love you so much and I hope to see you face to face . I love you sooooooooooooo much. p.s " mail me if you can,thank you!" I love you sooooooooooooo much.

Posted by: sahar at 2005-07-23 17:51:13

salam be kamrane aziz. omidvaram harja ke hasti mesle hamishe movafagh beshi. kheily doost daram ke yek roozi betoonam az nazdik shoma ro dar concert bebinam. be omide oon rooz.... bye I love u so much

Posted by: shahang at 2005-07-26 08:57:05

salam man anita hastam.az Iran.kheili doost daram bebinametoon va hamishe tarafdaretoonam va har vaght navaratoo ro goosh midam shad misham.baram aksetoono beferestid

Posted by: anita at 2005-07-29 13:32:56

eshgh yani vaghti hazrate adam be havva negah kard sir nashod vali be harchi negah mikard sir mishod.

Posted by: sara at 2005-07-31 01:52:07

salam kamran joooon va homan jooon man az shoma ye khahesh dashtam rozi ke shoma be shabakeye ITN (aghaye shabkhiz ) davat shodeh bodin nilofar dost man ba shoma ba telephone sohbat kard vali man movafagh nashodam mikhastam baram ye emza ya ye chizi in joori E_mail konid man va dostam nilofar vagaan asheg shoma hastim lotfan in E_mail ro send konid merciiii I LOVE YOU to khode nomereye bistyyyyy (20)

Posted by: pouya at 2005-08-01 17:44:51

سلام کامران جون و هومن جو ن او روزی که شما به شبکه آقای شب خیز دعوت شدین نیلوفر دوست من تلفن زد و با شما صحبت کرد ولی من موفق به این کار نشدم خواستم که یه ایمیل برام بدین با عکس خودتون با تشکر دوستدار شما پویا

Posted by: پویا at 2005-08-01 17:50:46

salam sedatoon kheily ghashange kamran va hoomane aziz man ahangatoono kheily doost daram....man too iran honarpisham va 9 ta film bazi kardam....be oomid e didare shoma...

Posted by: golshid at 2005-08-04 12:19:17

salam baba albume toom coolak kardeh

Posted by: adel at 2005-08-05 10:46:04

hey kamran and hooman i love you guys so much i would appreciate it if you e-mail me pleaseeeeeee

Posted by: Negar at 2005-08-05 14:56:25

salam khelikheili dusetoon daram mibosametoon be omid didar

Posted by: faezeh at 2005-08-07 05:24:16

kamran va hooman kheyli khoshgel va bahalin hame iraniya basatoon mimiran

Posted by: niusha at 2005-08-09 08:35:23

hoomane aziz: man hamishe to ro dust dashtam,daram va khaham dasht.never forget u!!! i love u!!! from:samin

Posted by: samin at 2005-08-09 12:05:52

hooman jan: omidvaram in maile man bijavab namune!man hamishe be yade to hastam.az har 2toon be khatere in albume janjali tashakore khas daram.i love u!!! ghorboonet:samin

Posted by: samin at 2005-08-09 12:09:02

ma kheili doseton darim heif ke nemishe az nazdik bebinimeton be omide roozi ke shomaro az nazdik bebinim khaharam kheili doset dare hooman jan

Posted by: mehrnaz at 2005-08-09 14:38:23

salam hooman jooooon azizam man toro kheili dost daram to kheili be boy friend man shabih hasti albome jadideton kheyli tooope tabrik migam

Posted by: maryam at 2005-08-12 19:10:25

mikham barat bemiram

Posted by: honey at 2005-08-16 06:44:17

Sorry, schreibe deutsch. Hallo, gibt es ein Video oder eine DVD von Kamran und Hooman? Bitte gleich an meine E-Mail schreiben. Tausend Dank, Lars.

Posted by: Lars at 2005-08-16 20:43:37

salam lovely men (k.h) ilove u 2 specialy kamrane azizam iz inja miboosamet . fekr mikonam in bistomin emailam bashe khahesh mikonam javab bedid hata age shode ba yek kalame. i love u with all of my heart.....boos boos

Posted by: niloufar at 2005-08-17 06:48:51

Ba tashakor az shoma mikham begam man toro mikham nomreye 20 e kelaso nemikham akhe to khode nomreye bisti vali age eshghe to man nisti ghose nakhor fadaye saret to faghat delet ro bespar be man bia ta dige nagam ooni ke mikhastam chera tanham gozasht raf?oon ba man hooman azizam kheili dooset darim wish u best things that u ever want

Posted by: zahra&marzie at 2005-08-18 07:39:56

salam man shoma ro kheily doost daram. age mishe aksatoono baram befrestin. I love you. you guys are the best. plz mail me.

Posted by: sahar at 2005-08-19 17:24:41

salam kamran & hoomane aziz man kheyli kheyli shomaro doost daram va kheyli ham delam mikhast tooye conserte shoma biyam ama khob nashod enshaalah dafeye bad man az iran hastam va az shahre esfahan agar emkanesh hast delam mikhast aksatoono dashte basham momkene baraye e_mailam send konid mamnoon ghorboone har 2ye shoma azizanam va be omide movafaghiyate shoma doost dare hamishegiye shoma sogand (16 sale)

Posted by: sogand at 2005-08-22 11:48:58

سلام من مريم 17 ساله از تهران من از شما و اهنگ هايتان خيلي خو شم ميايد اميدوارم روزي بياد كه شما 2تا را از نزديك ببينم ايميل بزنيد مرسي دوستان

Posted by: meri at 2005-08-22 19:53:03

hooman & kamran aziz, khahesh mikonam baram mail bezanid .

Posted by: nassim at 2005-08-22 23:53:27

ilove you

Posted by: sara at 2005-08-23 15:02:56

hooman elahi gh0rb0ne onnn ghyaeye nazet beram kheili dostet dram mimiram abrat shaba ke mikhabam 2a mik0nam biam koncertet0n kami asheghetam kheili dostet0n daram

Posted by: khatere at 2005-08-25 17:57:43

salam: in hame dokhtar tarif kardand hala man ham mikham ye zare enteghad konam. man ta hala to konsertaye shooma sherkat nakardam va hichi rajebe on nemidoonam vali doostane man ke sherkat kardand hamash shekayat kardand va dige az tarafdarane in do ta nistand man ke az avalesham mi doonestam in joori mishe ......nemikham in ja begam vali fekr konam faghat dar sade kami az dokhtara tarafdare in do ta hastan hamin!!!

Posted by: mahara at 2005-08-25 18:32:58

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kami va hoomi love u and love u

Posted by: sheri at 2005-08-25 23:22:13

kamran & hooman jooooooooooooon salam omidvaram hamisheh che dar iran che dar los angles movafagh bashid agar dooost dashtid bray man E-mail bezanid!! I LOVE YOU I hope you be good luck every time BYE BYE Nasim

Posted by: NASIM at 2005-08-26 11:59:03

salam kamran va hooman joooooooooon man Nasim hastam va khaily doooost daram shoma agar tavanestid javab in E_mail ra bedahid omidvaram hamisheh movafagh bashid che dar iran che dar los angles Bye Bye I hope you be lucky every time Nasim

Posted by: Nasim at 2005-08-26 12:06:15

do you know you are my love I will see you dear it is my best dream hooman joonam to recordaro shekasty toye har ghalbi neshasti

Posted by: fatima at 2005-08-27 19:58:56

salam! hooman&kamran azizm! man shoma kheili doost daram! omidvaram ahanghayetan rooz be rooz behtar shavad...! ta baad BYE!

Posted by: baran at 2005-08-28 06:53:04

salam kamran & hooman jooooooon I love you so much agar lotf konid yek aks bray man post konid mamnoon misham omidvaram hamisheh salem va movafagh bashid nasim GOOOOOD LUCK!!!!

Posted by: nasim at 2005-08-28 09:26:15

salam man payam man ashgheton t ta asal sombole iraniha ma n mailetono mikhastam age be man bedin mamnon misham i love u bye

Posted by: payam at 2005-08-31 15:47:33

سلام به کامران و هومن عزیزم خیلی دوستتون دارم با صداتون خیلی حال میکنم امیدوارم در تمام مراحل زندگی موفق باشین راستی اگه یه روز یه ایمیل از شما تو میل باکسم ببینم از خوشحالی بال در میارم نینا از کرمانشاه

Posted by: nina at 2005-09-02 16:03:59

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Posted by: bahavar at 2005-09-20 11:37:52

kamraaaaaaan and hoomaaaaan you are the best!!!! i like you very much...and your new album too!! kami dooseeeeeet daraaaam!!!

Posted by: irene at 2005-09-28 17:10:27

I luuuuve your music! Its making me so happy ;)

Posted by: Sara at 2005-10-02 12:33:27

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Posted by: maryam at 2005-10-05 19:54:24

Hi Kamran and Hooman!!!!!!!!!!I love u so much. When ever u come on T.v. I start dancing like crazy. I hope ur concert is not 21 and older cuz i really really wanna come. Ur music is soooo awsome. I love both of u sooo much u cant even believe it. Good luck with ur next album. I hope its as awsome as ur first one1!!!!!Love u forever

Posted by: Kimia at 2005-10-06 08:20:36

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Posted by: two cousins at 2005-12-12 02:00:51

i luv ya kamran and hooman mainly hooman and i just went to your concert on 11 dec 05 it was heavy luv da dancing move and i can not stop thinking of u 2 ahhhhhhhhhhhh i have bee daydreaming all day today

Posted by: kurdish princess at 2005-12-13 12:59:04

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