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Sunday, October 24, 2004
Time: 02:00 PM
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Home Game information (quarter finals):
Date: Sunday Oct. 24th, 2004
Time: 2:00 p.m. Kickoff (plan to arrive sooner)
Place: Spartan Stadium - San Jose
Location: Corner of Alma and 10th Street just South of Downtown
Parking: Paid parking is attached to stadium.
Free parking may be found a few blocks from the stadium.
Opponent: Kansas City Wizards (currently ranked #1)
The away game will be on Sat. Oct 30th at Kansas City
Aggregate goals will determine the winner to advance to
Phone#: (408) 985-4625 Earthquake general info.
Hello Friends and community leaders:

As you might know, Mr. Tony Amanpour (a successful local Iranian-American)is putting together a deal to purchase the San Jose Earthquakes. As far asI know, this will be the first time, an Iranian-American will become theowner of a Major League Sports team in US. It is very fitting that this ishappening in the Soccer League (rather than other sports e.g. baseball or
Basketball), since Soccer is a passion for many Iranian-Americans.

As a parent, as an active member of the Iranian Community in Bay Area, as anactive member of the San Jose City Government and a fan of the sports(especially soccer) I take pride in what Tony is doing. He understands thepositive influence that he will have on our community and our kids.

But the excitement does not end there. The Earthquakes (who are thedefending Champions) were able to make it to the playoffs again, so he wantsto honor our community and our youth by inviting all Iranian-Americans tothis last home game of the season this Sunday October 24th at SpartanStadium. He has set aside over 4,000 (yes, four-thousand) tickets for FREE
only for Iranian-Americans!

The tickets and the forms are being prepared and will be available: 1-
through email (to be sent shortly); 2- At Iranian grocery stores; and 3- Atthe Spartan Stadium Box office. The game is scheduled to be begin at 2:00p.m. so plan to be early (like 11:00 a.m.) to find good parking, enjoy thepre-game festivities and enjoy the company of other Iranian-Americansupporters and fans.

Lets show Tony how much we appreciate his gesture and wish him success.Also lets show others who are watching, the strength of our community. Weare the second largest concentration of Iranians in USA (after Los Angeles)and if we do not flex our muscles and show unity, then others will nevertake our community serious. Tony is making it easy for us to unite.
Letsdo not lose this opportunity to have fun, show unity and be an example toour youth about honoring our heritage and our community.

Please distribute this to all your Iranian-American friends, family, soccerfans, etc. Detailed information will follow shortly. The game could be asell out, so they have to operate on a first come first served basis.

Mehran (Matt) Kamkar, M.S.C.E., P.E.

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