"SEEDS" Documentary Screening

Friday, October 15, 2004
Time: 11:26 AM
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12th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival
Competition: Film of Conflict & Resolution
Hamptons, NY

Thursday 21 October 3pm
Friday 22 October 10.30am
Saturday 23 October 2.30pm

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You are invited to attend the New York Premiere screening of SEEDS, a powerful and compelling new documentary screening in competition as part of the 12th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival, Films of Conflict & Resolution.

Please find attached some brief infomation about the film. The filmmakers, Marjan Safinia and Joseph Boyle will both be in attendance at Hamptons between October 20-24th

"..a spectacular film...truly impressive"
Judy Woodruff, CNN

"SEEDS beautifully captures the difficult and inspiring journey of teenagers
toward dialog and understanding with their traditional enemies. Adults can
only aspire to such bravery."

Michelle Pearl, Vice President, The Daniel Pearl Foundation


SEEDS, an exceptional documentary, introduces us to ten courageous teenagers trying to accomplish what most adults can never bring themselves to do: sit down in peace to face their enemy. Every summer, kids from war-torn countries gather together for three life-changing weeks at the Seeds of Peace International Camp in Maine. Back home, it’s impossible to believe that a Palestinian can share a bunk, let alone a laugh or a hug, with an Israeli; unimaginable for an Indian to speak freely with a Pakistani; inconceivable for an American to gain insight into an Afghan. But in the woods of Maine, they share their dreams and fears and try to see beyond the prejudices that divide them.

Like a grown-up, harder-edged heir to the Academy Award nominated documentary Promises, SEEDS shows that coexistence, even temporary, is tough work, and often elusive. SEEDS intimately documents this difficult journey, where there are no superficial resolutions. At times, the teenagers seem more enlightened than their leaders, but after a year back at home—where the word peace has very little meaning—can they hold onto what they have learned? SEEDS sends a strong message of hope in a media landscape that is bursting with images of violence and intolerance.

In the words of one of the kids, "in order to make peace with your enemy, you have to go to war with yourself."

An excellent film to see with kids, and for families to see together. Uplifting, poignant and inspiring, this film is the perfect antidote to all the madness in our world.

Find out more about the film at www.seedsthemovie.com

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