Film - Kurtlar Vadisi Irak - Middle East Film Series Fall 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Time: 07:30 PM
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Middle East Film Series Fall 2006
Sponsored by Sohaib & Sara Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies
The Middle East Collection, SUL-AIR

Oct 24: Kurtlar Vadisi Irak
(dir. Serdar Akar, Turkey, 2006)
An elite Turkish commando squad infiltrates the Kurdish region of US occupied Iraq. They find their supposed American allies are involved in murder squads, extortion, organ dealing and more. Not in our name indeed.
Nov 7: Karim's Harem
(dir. Ali Idris, Egypt, 2005)
When Karim's wife leaves him, he enlists the aid of his old college (girl) friends to help win her back. But they have their sights set on winning Karim for themselves.
Nov 28: Le Harem de Mme Osmane
(dir. Nadir Mokneche, France/Algeria, 2000)
Set in Algeria on the eve of the civil war in 1993, Mme Ousmane exercises a casual dictatorship over the inhabitants of her apartment house, as all the women try to maintain a semblance of a peaceful existence against the backdrop of mounting violence and political unrest.
Dec 5: Bachehaye Bad (Bad Kids)
(dir. Alireza Davoudnejad, Iran, 2000)
Two ne'er-do-well friends take a road trip to the Caspian Sea. On the way they meet a mysterious girl, whose seeming freedom and power fascinate them. As they learn her secret they discover the price she has paid.

*Films will be shown in their original languages with
English subtitles.

*Hosted by David Giovacchini, Middle East Collection,

*Free Admission. All welcome.

All films will be shown in Piggott Hall, Rm 113 at
7:30 PM.
Stanford University

Reviewed/approved by talieshah -.


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