Sign Up for Saturday's Grand International Party. 5 Huge SF Promoters Together for the Biggest Event of the Year!!! One floor of all Persian, All night

Saturday, May 20, 2006
Time: 08:00 PM
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To Sign Up For Saturday's Guest List

First Level - Persian, Arabic,
& Turkish beats

DJs:  Hamed - Sol Y Luna / Mirza Party

Greg The Groove– Greece SF

Houdini - Sol Y Luna

Second Level - SF and Global House

DJs:  DJ Henry Pollux - Latin & Russian House

DJ Partizan - Russian / Latin House

Third Level - Hip-Hop, Hot Salsa, & Reggaeton

DJs:  Special Guest DJ style='font-size:11.0pt;font-family:Verdana;color:red'>– Hip Hop in the City

SYL, Sebastien Entertainment, Tony Presents, Mirza Party, and Rhythm Ethics invite you to...


Saturday, May 20th


Club Privé @ Roe

651 Howard St.

San Francisco

     Wow, what an amazing party last month at Privé. Nearly 1000 of you showed up to make it a phenomenal event! It went so well, that we're now making this our monthly event for every third Saturday.

     Now this Saturday, we're continuing our newest event at the ultra chic Club Privé but turning it up a notch. Joining us are 2 of San Francisco's hottest promoters parties, Sebastien and Tony Kutulas. Combining 5 of strongest, upscale promoters in the city means you not only need a big Venue, but also one elegant enough to match the crowd. Well, fear no more, Club Privé at Roe Restaurant is guaranteed to not only meet the elegance with it's posh decor, but also meet our space needs with 3 stories of dance floors.

     To round out the music, we have 5 of SF's hottests DJs playing killer sets of Mediterranean dance music, heart pounding SF house music, and sexy Latin salsa and Hip-Hop in 3 seperate dance floors. Joining our resident DJ Henry Pollux in the main room, we have good friend DJ Partizan playing another one of his amazing House sets. DJs Hamed and Greg the Groove will be DJing in a Persian / Greek Only VIP Room. And polishing off the DJ list, we have a Special Guest DJ mixing up his mind-blowing mixes of Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, and Salsa music. Plus, the music will play all the way 'til 3am so there's no doubt you'll be dead tired from dancing to all this hot music when you leave.

     With this fantastic combination, there's no doubt that we'll beat last month's 900+ showing. That means show up early before we hit capacity. In addition, we have a strict dress code for this event. Collared shirts, slacks, and dress shoes are required so please dress to impress.

See you there.
-Arash & Houdini

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May 27th - The Odyssey @ Paradise Lounge

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