FREE Mediterranean Party at Zebra Lounge this Saturday. Persian music room all night!!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006
Time: 08:00 PM
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Saturday, May 13th


@ Zebra Lounge

447 Broadway

San Francisco

     This Saturday, we're bringing back the Essence of SF night clubs to Zebra Lounge. That means Great Music, an absolutely Beautiful Crowd, and a Fantastic Venue to pack all those happy, dancing people. Well ladies and gentlemen, it all comes together this Saturday night at our Zebra Lounge monthly, so don't miss this grass-roots event!!!

     To produce the music of Essence, we have 6 of SF's hottests DJs playing killer sets of Mediterranean dance music, heart pounding SF house music, and sexy Latin salsa and Hip-Hop in 3 seperate dance floors. Unlike most clubs that throw 10 different types of music on one dance floor, we'll be using 3 seperate spaces each fitted with state of the art sound and lighting, to make sure everyone gets to hear their favorite music all night long. In the House room, we have our resident DJ Henry Pollux and DJ Partizan, the Russian House Master, playing what will be an amazing set House tracks. Once again we'll be featuring a "Persian Only" VIP Room, with SF's top 2 Persian DJs, Hamed and Masood. And last but not least, in our Hip-Hop and Latin Salsa room, we have DJs G-STAV and Gorgeous Nate mixing up Mash-UPs, Salsa, Reggaeton, and Hip-Hop music.

See you there.
-Arash & Houdini

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