List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2004-08-20

    AHURA - Sufi Trance Music

    Bay Area - San Francisco Friday - August 20, 2004     08:00 PM

    AHURA - Sufi Trance Music

    2004 USA West Coast Tour - Visiting from Europe and in collabortation with musicians from SOM'MA.

    Old First Church
    San Francisco, CA - August 20th - 8PM
    1725 Sacramento St, SF, CA

    Cayuga Vault
    Santa Cruz, CA - August 21st - 8PM
    1100 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA

    San Diego, CA - August 29th - 8PM
    344 7th Ave, San Diego, CA

    The Old Church
    Portland, OR - September 4th - 8PM
    1422 S.W. 11th Ave, Portland, OR

    "The real essential Rumi is the dervish ceremony of the Zikr." - Coleman Barks

    Inspired by poems of Persian poets and mystics, above all by Mevlana Djellalledin RUMI, AHURA tries to convey a spiritual message of understanding among nations by means of traditional oriental sound structures as well as by including new sound elements.
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