AHURA - Sufi Trance Music

Friday, August 20, 2004
Time: 08:00 PM
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AHURA - Sufi Trance Music

2004 USA West Coast Tour - Visiting from Europe and in collabortation with musicians from SOM'MA.

Old First Church
San Francisco, CA - August 20th - 8PM
1725 Sacramento St, SF, CA

Cayuga Vault
Santa Cruz, CA - August 21st - 8PM
1100 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA

San Diego, CA - August 29th - 8PM
344 7th Ave, San Diego, CA

The Old Church
Portland, OR - September 4th - 8PM
1422 S.W. 11th Ave, Portland, OR

"The real essential Rumi is the dervish ceremony of the Zikr." - Coleman Barks

Inspired by poems of Persian poets and mystics, above all by Mevlana Djellalledin RUMI, AHURA tries to convey a spiritual message of understanding among nations by means of traditional oriental sound structures as well as by including new sound elements.

One of the main themes of Mevlana’s poetry is the eternal duality, the inner conflict
of our existence, the vacillation between opposites (heaven and hell, man and woman,
right and wrong,...) and the search for harmony between these extremes. Rumi realized the difficulty to find both worlds in him and looked for the possibility to unite them.

Mystics like Rumi were able to experience, in a state of mystical contemplation, a sphere unknown to our normal consciousness, allowing them a profound and eternal insight into the whole creation and hence into themselves. Rumi’s poems are often rhythms that become language, carrying the seeds of melody already in their words. We believe that music is the best way to keep Rumi’s knowledge and insight alive, as sounds speak a multicultural language, which is heard and understood by all people with an open heart.

Ambient yet substantial and truly entrancing and breathtaking music, Sufi trance dance
meditations are the key to enter into the hidden kingdom of the gods. The Sema Ceremony's Mudras, Zikrs, meditation, conscious relaxation, breath control, Sufi whirling and yoga, all used in combination during the hours-long dances, can carry you directly into the arms of the infinite.

Sufism in the true meaning of the word has existed since the existence of man. It is
an ancient wisdom and a method to school the mind, enabling people to translate
this wisdom in everyday life. The word “sufi”, emerging for the first time in Islamic
traditions, is linked to the Greek word “sophia” “wisdom”; other theories derive the
name from Arabic “saf”, “pure” or from Persian “suf” “wool”, as ancient Sufis wore
clothes made from pure wool. Sufism is a certain way to look and to live in the world and Sufism cannot be tied down to a certain form, yet some of its characteristics can be described: instead of demanding a withdrawal from the world, Sufism emphasizes a conscious immersion in life, supporting us to unite our highest ideals with our everyday life.


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I went to the San Franciso Concert, and it was wonderful! The music is alive, very spiritual, and comes from the heart. The musicians are very talented and vocals are lovely. Don't miss Ahura if you live in one of the other places they are playing!(Santa Cruz, San Diego or Portland) They got a standing ovation, so I wasn't the only one who thought it was great. J.

Posted by: J at 2004-08-21 14:43:40

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