List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2013-09-14


    Europe - Belgium Saturday - September 14, 2013     07:00 AM

    inPersian presents

    Celebration of the Autumnal Equinox
    An unforgettable occasion to relive the ancient Iran Featuring:

    Audio-Visual presentation by Dr M. KAVIR, the well-known Iranian scholar.

    ARDAVAN MOFID will be reciting from Shahnameh, the Book of the Kings by Ferdowsi, the story of the downfall of the cruel ruler Zahhak.

    ‘AREF’ the acclaimed Iranian singer will be singing memorial songs of two generations. BABAK SAEEDI, the famed musician and song-writer will lead the group.

    An exclusive performance of Bahr-e-Taveel by ‘AJAM MUSIC GROUP’ the Iranian roots music group.

    Proceeds will go towards the recent Bushehr earthquake in Iran, with support from the Ferdowsi Trust of London.
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