List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2012-10-25

    Screening of the movie "Our Summer in Tehran" at Stanford University

    Bay Area - Peninsula Thursday - October 25, 2012     07:00 PM

    Dear Friends,

    PSA movie group is proud to announce the screening of "Our summer in Tehran" a documentary by Justin Shapiro.

    Our summer in Tehran, a feature-length documentary , is the story of a Jewish-American filmmaker, Justine Shapiro, who takes her 6-year-old son Mateo with her to Tehran where they spend the summer with 3 families: a religious family with ties to the government; a cosmopolitan, secular family; and a single mom who is an actress. When the Iranian government abruptly gives Justine and Mateo 48 hours to leave the country, promising relationships are severed.

    Independent Magazine declares Justine Shapiro a top filmmaker to watch with the release of her new documentary Our Summer in Tehran.

    J article, In Iran, Berkeley Jewish filmmaker finds plenty of love: 'What most of us know about the world is from crisis-driven news,' Shapiro said. 'I wanted to show what I experienced, which is that a lot of people on the planet are doing OK.'

    For more information about the director please read below.

    When: Thursday Oct. 25th, 7 pm
    Where: Cummings art building, Room Art2 (please see map below for more information about the location)

    To cover the costs of the venue, tickets will be available for $5, which can be bought at the door on the day of screening.
    Please note that the movie is in english.

    About Justine Shapiro:

    Oscar nominated filmmaker, Justine Shapiro is one of several main hosts of the Pilot Productions travel/adventure series Globe Trekker(also called Pilot Guides in Canada and originally broadcast as Lonely Planet). Shapiro is known for her commentary and critique of countries visited. She has hosted more than 30 episodes of Globe Trekker, including features on Britain, Argentina, France, South Africa, Belize, Turkey, Mexico City, Venice, Malaysia, South India, China, Benin, Burkina Faso, Poland, Czech Republic, California, Germany and Mali
    Before hosting Globe Trekker/Pilot Guides, Shapiro appeared in various roles in film and television. Eventually, she was involved in several documentaries including co-production/direction duties on 2001's Promises, which was nominated for best Documentary Feature at the 74th Academy Awards.
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