List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2012-05-19

    Los Angeles Trombone Collective performs Saturday, May 19 at the wulf., Los Angeles

    Los Angeles Saturday - May 19, 2012     08:00 PM

    • Los Angeles Trombone Collective
    • New works for ten trombone choir by members of the ensemble, as well as an
    unpublished, xeroxed handwritten copy of Tommy Pederson’s Cogent Caprice
    • Saturday, May 19th @ 8PM @ the wulf.
    • 1026 South Santa Fe Avenue #203, Los Angeles, CA 90021.
    • Admission FREE

    May 2012 — The Los Angeles Trombone Collective performs an all trombone concert of
    new works including four compositions by members of the ensemble: Kevin Austin, Matt
    Barbier, Adam Dippre, and Tyler Jordan; John Cage’s Solo for Sliding Trombone in 4.0
    stereo; a piece for trombone quartet and electronics by Julian Valdivieso; and Tommy
    Pederson’s unpublished masterpiece, Cogent Caprice (1971), featuring James Miller
    (, principal trombonist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. This
    performance will take place at 8pm at the wulf ( and is FREE to the public.

    Program (in program order):
    Kevin Austin: Pale Blue Dot (2011) tentet
    John Cage: Solo for Sliding Trombone (1960) quartet
    Tommy Pederson: Cogent Caprice (1971) solo with sextet
    Tyler Jordan: “...and the tide will call us back to the sea with a reckless
    abandon” (2012) eleven trombones
    Julian Valdivieso: Untitled Time Liquids (2012) quartet with electronics
    Matt Barbier: #146 A. #3 (2003) eleven trombones
    Adam Dippre: Cup ‘O’ Joe (2007) sextet

    The LA Trombone Collective will perform Tommy Pederson’s (1920–1998) unpublished
    masterpiece, Cogent Caprice, which has been passed down by trombonists since the
    ‘70s via xeroxed copies in the composer’s hand. The piece features a solo trombone
    accompanied by four tenor trombones and two bass trombones. Tommy Pederson was
    an exemplary trombonist in every genre and recorded a wide variety of studio
    repertoire. Perhaps his largest contribution, Pederson composed and arranged over 300
    titles, most of them pertaining to the trombone.
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