ITALIAN Themed Int'l Night "Ferragosto" @ ANA MANDARA | FRIDAY AUG 12th | Aykut Events

Friday, August 12, 2011
Time: 09:00 PM
891 Beach Street
San Francisco
Phone: 415.260.9920
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Our 2nd Annual ITALIAN Themed Club Party “FERRAGOSTO”
w/ the Best International Crowd and Music in San Francisco ....
... Hosted by Aykut Events & Perla Mazzini

Taking place at City’s Spectacular “ANA MANDARA” on Aug 12th ...
One of the MOST Upscale venues in SF located in Ghirardelli Square ....
NOT to be missed !!!! :)

* Cocktail Time (9-10) w/ Fabulous
Italian Singer "RODOLFO BRUNI"

* A Special Performance by
Incredible Italian Tenor

* Party Time w/ DJ AYKUT,
and Aykut Events’ # 1 Resident DJ, DR T

An Exclusive Euro, Italian, Latin, Middle Eastern House Set....

Live Percussion by ‘AMMO’

* Special Guests-
"Samatha Ferro" (TV Host, The Italian Lifestyle)
“Jennifer Consalvi" (the Women from Italy group,

You can buy your discounted tickets here for only $10,

Half Price in Advance & All Night VIP Express Entry:
PURCHASE TICKETS: http://0812italian.eventbr​

Celebrating Cheryl Hirsa, Christina Ismailova
and Andy Azadnia’s Birthdays !!

Hosted by PERLA MAZZINI, Samatha Ferro, Jennifer Consalvi,
Paolo Demira, Rudi Bruni, Daniela Nigrelli, Renzo Azzarello,
Sara Pirami, Alessandro Zago, Joseph Duong & Sonia Worley

Sponsored by

CAFE RENZO- Palo Alto (
473 University Ave. | 650.329.8300

See Pictures from Our Other Previous Fabulous events here:​/photos.html

Please join us at this great event and spread the word to all your party friends.

Keep Smiling :)

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