List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2009-03-18

    "Understanding Islamist Politics: Internal Debates and Electoral Opposition" Panel Discussion

    Bay Area - San Francisco Wednesday - March 18, 2009     04:00 PM

    This is Ian Tholen, the Program Assistant at the Religion, Politics and
    Globalization Program (RPGP) at UC Berkeley. On Tuesday, March 18th at 4PM, RPGP at UC Berkeley will be hosting a panel discussion on "Understanding Islamist Politics: Internal Debates and Electoral Opposition."

    On behalf of RPGP, I would like to invite the 7rooz community to attend this panel discussion. Additionally, please feel free to extend this invitation to anyone else that might be interested in attending this panel-discussion on "Understanding Islamist Politics: Internal Debates and Electoral Opposition."

    Please note that more topical and speaker information regarding this panel discussion is provided below.
    "Understanding Islamist Politics: Internal Debates and Electoral
    Opposition" Wednesday, March 18th
    4 p.m., Seaborg Room, Berkeley Faculty Club

    Professor Nathan Brown, Political Science and International Affairs;
    Director, Institute for Middle East Studies, GWU; Nonresident Senior
    Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
    Professor Mohammed Hafez, Department of National Security Affairs, Naval Postgraduate School; author of "Why Muslims Rebel: Repression and Resistance in the Islamic World" (2003)

    Sponsored by the Religion, Politics and Globalization Program
    (, the Institute of International Studies, the Human
    Rights Center, and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies
    RSVPs appreciated but not required: 510-642-2474 or

    Islamist political parties are flourishing across the Arab world, and
    their increasingly mainstream influence appears unlikely to diminish in
    the near future. To explore the myriad dimensions of Islamist politics,
    Professor Nathan Brown of George Washington University and Professor Mohammed Hafez of the Naval Postgraduate School will hold a public discussion focused on these influential religio-political movements.

    Professor Brown will examine Islamist movements in the Arab world and how the decision to participate in the electoral process affects them organizationally and ideologically, and Professor Hafez will discuss takfir (excommunication in Islam) and the internal debates over Muslim against Muslim violence.

    Chanticleer performance based on Dr. Majid Naini's translation of Rumi Poetry

    Bay Area - Peninsula Wednesday - March 18, 2009     11:00 PM

    Award-winning American composer Shawn Crouch's new work, The Garden of Paradise will be performed by the Grammy award winning Chanticleer group. The piece is based on the poems of poet Brian Turner, an Iraq war veteran, whose moving accounts of the war are set along side the poetry of the Persian poet Rumi, as selected from among 80,000 lines of poetry and translated by Professor Majid M. Naini.

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