List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2009-03-03


    New Jersey Tuesday - March 3, 2009     06:00 PM

    Philadelphia- Reading
    March 3, Tuesday, 6:00 PM
    University of Pennsylvania Kelly Writers House
    3805 Locust Walk
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
    (215) 573-9748
    PERSIAN GIRLS:Publishers Weekly:
    "This lyrical and disturbing memoir by the author of four novels (Foreigner , etc.) tells the story of an Iranian girl growing up in a culture where, despite the Westernizing reforms of the Shah, women had little power or autonomy... Exuding the melancholy of an outsider, this memoir gives American readers rare insight into Iranians' ambivalence toward the United States, the desire for American freedom clashing with resentment of American hegemony."

    Boston Globe:
    "Persian Girls, reads like a novel -- suspenseful, vivid, heartbreaking. In "Persian Girls, Rachlin chronicles her choices and those made by her sisters, her mother and her aunts, throwing the door to her family's home wide open. Readers who follow her through will be wiser, and moved."
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