List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2008-12-27

    New Year party in London 2009

    7Rooz Saturday - December 27, 2008     06:00 PM

    ورودی + يک پرس چلوکباب + سافت درينک = ١٥ پوند، براي کودکان کمتر از يازده سال ١٠ پوند
    دي جي انگليسي، ايراني و عربي
    با اين اميد که سال بعد برقراري يک جامعه آزاد، برابر و انساني را در ايران جشن بگيريم ،
    براي همه شما سالي مملو از شادي و سعادت آرزو ميکنيم

    Live Persian Flamenco Music "FAZZ" @ Enrico's

    Bay Area - San Francisco Saturday - December 27, 2008     07:30 PM

    Farzad Arjmand and his band "FAZZ" will perform songs from Farhad, Fereydoon Forooghi, Shahriyar Ghambari and other artists in that style blended with two flamenco guitars and cello and precussions. NO COVER. DJ music after live show. Guest DJ : Blutex
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