List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2008-10-26

    Teaching Rumi/Persian Literature

    Bay Area - Peninsula Sunday - October 26, 2008     03:00 PM

    Salaam bar doostaaraane Maulana Rumi; Please be notified that the last meeting of the current term will be held on Sunday, Oct. 26th. at 3:00 PM. To avoid distraction please keep your cell phone in a "silence mode" during the meeting.
    Regularly, the meeting is held every 2nd. and 4th. Sunday of each month from 3:00 through 6:00 PM at:
    10101 Richwood Dr. (corner of miller & Stevens Creek), in Cupertino.
    Tuition: $75 for 6 session, you may send your check to the above address.

    Agenda: Comparative Study of Sufism. Ghazale Hafez, Ghazale Divane Shams, and Masnavi Molana and cross reference to other Sufi Master and Poets.

    For further information please contact him at: (408) 725-2922 or email me
    To purchase Dr. Massihpour's books: "kendo kaa dar aaraa-e Masnavi-e Molavi" (Discovery of Rumi's Point of views" and " AAeen-e Negaaresh, Badi'-o Ghafieh-0 Arooz", (Writing Techniques) please contact Dr. Massihpour at the above phone number.

    Dr. Massihpour, alumni professor of Tehran University, granted his Ph.D. in Persian Literature and Theology. He's had extensive research on International Sufism, and specifically Iranian, i.e. Rumi and other Sufi master such as Sa'di, Hafez, Sanaei...He is an expert in Philosophy and Persian Literature of his time. He has been teaching in the Universities
    throughout Iran for over 40 years.

    Molana Jalal-uddin Mahammad Balkhy, known as Rumi, the great Sufi
    (Islamic mystic) poet and philosopher was born on 9/30/1207 in the city
    of Balkh, in Khorasan province of the Persian Empire. Today Balkh is in
    Afghanistan. Rumi left this world on 12/7/1273 in Konya, which is in
    present-day Turkey. During Rumi's time in Konya, Farsi was the common
    and official language.

    Rumi's father, Baha Valad was a religious scholar, teacher and preacher
    who was respected and admired by many people. He also had a keen
    interest in Sufism. On account of his wisdom and knowledge, he was given
    the name Sultan-al-Olama (King of the Learned Ones).

    Rumi's father assigned one of his closest disciples, Seyyed Borhan-uddin
    Termezi to be Rumi's teacher. He taught Rumi the foundation and basics
    of religion and philosophy at very early age. Rumi continued his
    education in theology, philosophy, literature, poetry, languages, and
    history. He became so learned that his father allowed him to give
    lectures in his school. At time passed, Rumi gradually took over the
    religious and teaching duties of his father.

    The amazing experience of reunification is what Rumi must have gone
    through when Shams linked him to his chain and brought him back to the
    true and majestic path of love. With this reunion, Rumi became one of
    the most magnificent lovers of all time. A burning fire must have been
    roaring deep within Rumi's soul until he met Shams, who blew away the
    ashes and allowed that fire to come to the surface and blaze free of any
    obstacle. This metamorphosis, which took place in the deepest and most
    secretive part of Rumi's existence, changed an incredible, rigidly
    educated scholar into a liberated, devoted, soaring lover, who became an
    inspiration for mankind.

    Due to Shams' influence, Rumi reached the highest peak in his love
    journey in a short time. The force of this magical love transformed a
    learned, orthodox theologian in the lover of all time.

    I was dead, I became alive----I was tears, I became laughter
    The majesty of love came, and I became an everlasting majesty myself.
    He (Shams) told me, you are not insane----I became insane and linked
    with his chain.
    He said you are not drunken, you are not from this type---I went and
    became drunken & full of joy.
    I died from solid and became plant--- From plant I was transformed to
    >From animal I died and became a human----Then why should I be afraid
    of death?
    I never became less from death----Next I die from human, and soar to
    become an angel.
    I soar again from an angel----and become something that you cannot even

    Oh God, please sever not this union----Let not the ecstatic of love cry
    Keep fresh and green the garden of life------Ruin not this garden and
    these drunken ones
    Like autumn, do not fall on the branch and leaves of the heart,
    Make not the people destitute and mystified...
    In this world nothing is more bitter than separation; ---Do whatever you
    want, but please sever not.

    By Dr. M. Naini
    Regards. Monir

    An Afternoon of Cancer Awareness

    Los Angeles Sunday - October 26, 2008     03:15 PM

    Persian American Cancer Institute Free Cancer Awareness Seminar. Skirball Cultural Center, Magnin Auditorium. Shaun Toub hosting. For more information please go to

    Iranian Talent Festival

    Vancouver Sunday - October 26, 2008     04:00 PM

    Iranian Talent Festival

    Canadian Iranian Foundation and A2z film Production present:

    The Iranian Talent Festival at the

    Kay Meek Centre, 1700 Mathers Avenue, West Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

    Date: October 26.2008 at 4:00 PM

    Tickets $10.00 , Sold at the Kay Meek Centre Box Office.

    604-913-3634 or

    This is an Iranian arts fetival in which the best of young talents are showcased alongside top local artists.

    This is a non-profit event.

    Event InfoHost:
    Canadian Iranian Foundation
    Music/Arts - Concert
    Time and PlaceDate:
    Sunday, October 26, 2008
    4:00pm - 7:00pm
    Kay Meek Centre
    1700 Mathers Ave
    West Vancouver, BC

    View MapQuest Map
    Contact InfoPhone:
    Our mission is to present an annual Iranian Talent Festival of the highest standard for the enrichment of cultural life of Young Iranian Artists in Vancouver . The Festival also serves as a catalyst to arouse wider public interest in the arts and to encourage artistic dialogue and cultural exchange.

    The Iranian Talent Festival is a one-day,Art festival held on beautiful Kay Meek Centre, West Vancouver,BC every October.

    The Talent Festival brings together some of the best Young Iranian talents in Performance and Visual arts, along with dozens of artists in complementary styles such as Classical Persian, Classical western, electronica, and just about any contemporary music you can think of.
    The Iranian Talent Festival is a non-for-profit event. It is a major talent festival as well as the premier arts event for Iranian Young talents in Vancouver.
    Featuring local artists of renown in an array of music, theatre, dance, popular entertainment, film and exhibition programmes, the Festival offers a one day cultural feast annually on October.
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