List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2008-09-12

    Axis of Friedship Rally

    Bay Area - San Francisco Friday - September 12, 2008     03:30 PM

    doostAn-e aziz,

    Please consider joining the Axis of Friendship rally to demonstrate friendship and solidarity between Iranians and Americans in the hopes of preventing an attack on Iran.

    This rally is being organized by peace activists, interfaith groups, Iranians, Americans, military and veteran families, and other local and national leaders.

    The rally will be on Friday September 12th at 4:00-6:00pm in front of House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi's office at the SF Federal Building. It will be a peaceful and celebratory gathering.

    If you are interested in becoming more involved, please let me know.

    We especially need letters, poems and drawings by children to deliver to Speaker Pelosi's office.

    Please consider joining and helping however you can, whether to help with organizing it, or by showing up on September 12th at 4pm with your family, children, parents and grandparents, cousins and nieces and nephews and all.




    After 9/11, the entire city of New York--people from every race and nation--joined hands and hearts to form a protective ring around the World Trade Towers. Borders and boundaries collapsed as rescuers, aid, and words of compassion flooded New York from around the world.

    When we remember the fallen of 9/11, we must also remember how the world stood with us on September 12th. Within hours, America's tragedy elicited an outpouring of sorrow and compassion from many unlikely places, none more unlikely than Tehran, Iran. Thousands of Iranians spontaneously lit candles in solidarity with the families of 9/11 and the American people.

    Seizing 9/11 as a pretext for war, the Bush administration squandered the goodwill offered on September 12. They acted in violation of international laws created by nations that might have joined us in an effective strategy to combat global terrorism.

    Should the latest round of diplomatic negotiations between the United States and Iran break down, we may witness another war that neither country can afford. Gasoline in the U.S. will likely rise to $10 a gallon. As in Iraq, both sides will sustain terrible losses from which neither will recover. The chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has said a third war theater would stress an already thinly stretched military. Iran is three times the size of Iraq. The American people could lose another 10,000 soldiers plus 300,000 wounded and spend $3 trillion in yet another ill-conceived, avoidable conflict.

    Politicians are saber-rattling for war. That takes no imagination, and propaganda is an easy substitute for thinking. Acts of statesmanship, however, are not impossible. Great leaders have secured the peace to prevent the abyss of war: between France and Germany, Egypt and Israel, and Greece and Turkey, for example. Iran made peace with Iraq, it's arch enemy, and if Iran can buy arms from its other arch enemy--Israel--to protect the Iranian people from war, then these pragmatic arrangements for security give the lie to ideologies of enmity. Similarly, if the United States can make peace with its historic enemies--Britain, Russia, Japan, Germany, Nicaragua, and Vietnam--why not negotiate peace now and avoid the inevitable slaughter on all sides?

    With the risks so high, the case for peace has never been stronger. There is nothing inevitable about war between Iran and the United States, and a war would be stupid, senseless, tragic and expensive. The American people have opened this land to hundreds of thousands of Iranians, a fact that makes California the friendliest and largest little Iran outside big Iran. Few Iranians and Americans welcome the prospect of burying their children because their leaders lack imagination and courage.

    Americans have an opportunity to offer our own diplomacy and reignite the remaining embers of the international good will of September 12. The barriers between Iranians and Americans have never been lower, and we must lower them still more. Now is the time to provoke a perceptible shift in attitudes in Washington and Tehran by considering the costs of political gridlock and diplomatic failure--a broader regional war.

    On this September 12th, let us honor an Axis of Friendship and celebrate the faiths, families, and friendships that bind us--Americans and Iranians--in a commitment to prevent enormous suffering to countless families. Iranian-Americans and their fellow Americans cannot sit by and watch our two countries self destruct. Many are holding festivals of peace and friendship in their communities on that day, and many people in Iran and the U.S. will place candles in their windows until midnight to remember and restore the Axis of Friendship that was so coldly and cruelly ignored.

    We must lead, so the leaders can follow. As the crisis intensifies, so does the opportunity for peace. The question is whether Iranian and American leaders can seize the moment by turning away from death and towards life.

    Rita Nakashima Brock, Faith Voices for the Common Good*
    Alicia Estrada, Senator BARBARA Boxer's Office*
    Virgilio Felix, SEIU*
    Diana Gibson, Council of Churches of Santa Clara County*
    Sean McConnell, Episcopal Diocese of North California*
    Nilou Nouri, Bay Area Iranian American Voter Association*
    Betsy Rose, First Congregational Church Berkeley*
    Amir Soltani,
    David Stark, Stiles Hall*
    Sister Stella, St. Elizabeth*

    *for identification purposes only
    Contact: Rita N. Brock 510-459-5123,

    Shahnameh khani

    Bay Area - South Bay Friday - September 12, 2008     06:30 PM

    Doostaan: Ba doorood, our next meeting of Shahnameh khani will be held this Friday, Sept 12th, 2008.

    At this gathering, we will continue with the epic story of Roostam Va Esfandeyar.

    Time: Gathering begins at 6:00 PM and the meeting promptly at 6:30

    Place: Ortega Park, 636 Harrow way, Sunnyvale, CA 94086
    P. S. The meeting after next will be held on Friday, Sept 26th, 2008 .

    Namjoo SOLO US Concert Tour

    New York Friday - September 12, 2008     08:00 PM

    September 12th 2008

    Skirball Center for the Performing Arts

    566 LaGuardia Place (Washington Square South)

    New York University


    Doors: 8PM

    Performance 9PM

    Post show reception with Mohsen Namjoo for VIP ticket holders. 11PM-1AM

    DAYEREH ZANGI - A Film by Parisa Bakhtavar

    Bay Area - South Bay Friday - September 12, 2008     08:05 PM

    Nima Pictures Proudly Presents:
    A Film by Parisa Bakhtavar
    Mehran Modiri, Baran Kosari, Mohammad Reza Sharifinia, Amin Hayaie, Gohar Kheirandish
    From Friday September 12, 2008
    San Jose
    Century 25 Theater
    1694 Saratoga Ave, San Jose
    (intersection of Saratoga and Prospect)
    Showtimes: Friday to Sunday: 12:20, 2:55, 5:30, 8:05, and 10:40 P.M
    Monday to Thursday: 12:45, 3:15, 5:50, and 8:25P.M.
    info: 510-888-2226
    www.irfilms. com

    Persian Night In Copenhagen

    Europe - Germany Friday - September 12, 2008     11:00 PM

    Persian Night In Copenhagen
    One Night Only
    Event Info Host: DJ Omid From Denmark & DJ Farzad From Sweden
    Type: Party - Club Party
    Network: Global
    Time and Place Start Time: Friday, September 12, 2008 at 11:00pm
    End Time: Saturday, September 13, 2008 at 5:00am
    Location: Søpavillonen
    Street: Gyldenløvesgade 24
    City/Town: Copenhagen, Denmark
    View MapQuest MapGoogleMapQuestMicrosoftYahoo
    Contact Info Phone: 004526901418

    Description2 FAN Club Party With
    DJ Omid "Denmark" (
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