List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2008-07-06

    Entrepreneurial Management Workshop

    Iran - Tehran Sunday - July 6, 2008     08:00 AM

    Entrepreneurial Management Workshop
    A unique training opportunity in Tehran, Iran
    Event Info Host: International Association of Iranian Managers (I-Aim)
    Type: Education - Lecture
    Time and Place Start Time: Sunday, July 6, 2008 at 8:00am
    End Time: Wednesday, July 9, 2008 at 5:00pm
    Location: Austrian Commercial Section, Tehran
    City/Town: Tehran, Iran
    Contact Info Phone: 982122868669

    The workshop is designed for managers who want to position themselves proactively to make use of emerging opportunities in new markets or realize innovative approaches in existing markets. Using the experience and expertise of faculty members at top Universities and successful entrepreneurs in top enterprises in North America, Europe and Iran the workshop will bring world-class talent to entrepreneurship education in Iran. All educational sessions will be held in Persian (Farsi). Seats limited. Visit for more information and registration requirements.

    The Way of Ecstasy: Sufi Drumming and Dance

    California - Big Sur Sunday - July 6, 2008     09:00 AM

    Week of July 6-11, 2008

    The Way of Ecstasy: Sufi Drumming and Dance

    Banafsheh Sayyad & Pejman Hadadi

    "Come join the sacred circle of Drum and Dance," write the leaders. "Explore your passion, creativity, and peace through movement and music. With deep exploration and letting go, we delve into rhythm and movement that take us out of our heads and into oneness. We draw upon ancient Sufi practices, contemporary rituals that ground us, and the sensual, ethereal waves of Persian dance to arrive at a fullness of being.

    "Sufi teachings and Rumi's poetry inspire our sessions as we awaken our bodies with yoga and tai chi. We journey with the fiery Persian drum, the Daf, and its corresponding movement and chanting. Central to Sufi circles, the Daf induces altered states and purges negativity. We warm our way to Sema, or pure listening, in various manifestations, from high-energy movement to deep calm: shaking, waves, and zikr—chanting, reverential bowing, and whirling."

    With years of experience in Sufi teachings and whirling, Banafsheh creates a loving, rejuvenating atmosphere while master percussionist Pejman ignites the room. You will have a chance to:

    # Learn the moving meditation of whirling in a simple method, open your heart, and dissolve your perception of separateness

    # Experience the purifying effect of the Daf and learn to play powerful rhythms based in the Sufi tradition

    # Take home an energizing practice that supports being totally alive with fluidity and openness

    The workshop is open to all levels. Participants can focus on drumming, movement, or both. Dafs will be provided. Other drums are welcome.

    127 in Pittsburgh

    Pennsylvania Sunday - July 6, 2008     09:00 PM

    Jul 6 2008 9:00P
    Cafe Club Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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