List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2008-01-31

    "Ruling But Not Governing in Turkey, Algeria and Egypt"

    Bay Area - East Bay Thursday - January 31, 2008     04:00 PM

    "Ruling But Not Governing: The Military and Political Development in Egypt, Algeria, and Turkey"

    Steven Cook, Council on Foreign Relations

    Thursday, January 31, 2008

    4 p.m., 223 Moses Hall, UC Berkeley

    Sponsored by the Institute of International Studies

    In Steven Cook's new book, Ruling But Not Governing: The Military and Political Development in Egypt, Algeria, and Turkey, he uncovers the complex and nuanced character of the military’s interest in maintaining a facade of democracy. Cook explores how an authoritarian elite hijack seemingly democratic practices such as elections, multiparty politics, and a relatively freer press as part of a strategy to ensure the durability of authoritarian systems.

    Cook is the Douglas Dillon Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. Cook directed the Council-sponsored Independent Task Force on U.S. policy toward reform in the Arab world.>

    Taraneh Hemami, Visiting Lecture series

    California - Santa Cruz Thursday - January 31, 2008     06:00 PM

    Taraneh Hemami, Visiting Lecture series
    UC Santa Cruz
    Thursday January 31st


    Media Coverage of US-Iran Relations

    Seattle Thursday - January 31, 2008     06:30 PM

    Media Coverage of US-Iran Relations

    Thursday, January 31, 2008


    University of Washington, Seattle, WA

    Kane Hall, Room 210

    Wading through the flood of news on Iran?

    Wondering what it all means?

    Join us for an evening of short lectures and conversation. Professors Arzoo Osanloo and David Domke will provide critical tools and knowledge you can use to make sense of news coverage on Iran and US-Iran relations. **Please forward this announcement to your co-workers, friends, family....everyone!

    Professor David Domke, UW Dept of Communication

    The United States news media missed the story on Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction. When the Bush administration touted the presence of such WMDs, U.S. journalists passed along the message. Now, the Bush administration is making the case that Iran is a threat that must be contained and controlled. How are the news media overing this line of argument by the administration? Are the press more closely examining U.S.-Iran relations, and if so what does this coverage look like? What might we expect in coming months and years in U.S. news coverage?

    Professor Arzoo Osanloo, UW Dept of Anthropology

    The U.S. foreign policy program favoring regime change in Iran mobilizes `women's rights' as a means to garner domestic (U.S.) sympathy for intervention. However, the day-to-day realities of Iranian women's lives are often misconstrued, and internal women's rights movements are neglected by outside observers. What are the effects of international pressure on local Iranian women and on local women's rights movements? Given the anti-imperialist tenor of the 1979 revolution and the centrality of women's status therein, what are the effects of contemporary discourses of regime change that highlight women's rights? Do such efforts help or hurt internal reform movements?

    There is no charge for this event. For more info, to endorse, or to request a flyer, please contact: or visit

    Co-Sponsors: IACA Student Leaders, UW Department of Communication, UW Department of Law, Societies, and Justice, Reclaim the Media, Church Council of Greater Seattle, Hate Free Zone, National Iranian American Council - Seattle, and National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum - Seattle>

    short plays - ReOrient 2007/08

    Bay Area - San Francisco Thursday - January 31, 2008     07:00 PM

    short plays - ReOrient 2007/08 - An evening of short plays
    exploring the Middle East, Thursdays - Sundays, Now - Feb 3, 08
    at the Magic Theatre-Bldg D-Fort Mason Center, San Francisco
    $25, general admission, $15 for students and seniors.
    3rd seat special! Buy 2 tickets and get the 3rd ticket free!
    Call box office at 415-626-4061 for discounts/special offer.

    MAMAK KHADEM / A Persian Cross-Cultural Journey

    Los Angeles Thursday - January 31, 2008     10:00 PM

    Persian singer Mamak Khadem (formerly of the ensemble Axiom of Choice) embraces the musical bonds between Iran, Turkey, Kurdistan, Armenia and Greece. Performing with her multinational ensemble, Khadem transcends geographical boundaries, giving new form to the music of these regions through innovative acoustic arrangements set to verses by Persian poets.

    $30 General

    $25 Skirball Members

    $20 Full-Time Students

    ADVANCE TICKETS: Available on site at the Skirball, online at or by phone at (877) SCC-4TIX or (877) 722-4849.>
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