List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2008-01-29

    Ali Santori + Cholo Kabab in Deezi

    Bay Area - South Bay Tuesday - January 29, 2008     07:30 PM

    Ali Santori + Cholo Kabab in Deezi

    Event Info Name: Ali Santori + Cholo Kabab in Deezi
    Host: Sasan Alavi
    Type: Party - Movie/TV Night
    Time and Place Date: Tuesday, January 29, 2008
    Time: 7:30pm - 11:30pm
    Location: Dizi Restaurant + Century 25 Theater
    Street: Winchester Ave. + West Gate Mall
    City/Town: San Jose, CA

    Contact Info Phone: 310.593.1460

    Come on everybody lets see and eat something!!!

    Ali Santouri (Dariyosh Mehrojoyes (داریوش گلابی) last movie which was banned in Iran, is now in San Jose and he! is waiting for all of us.

    Lets put aside the (ohhhh it is a weekday I have so much to do, I am busy, I have work, I have so much on my hand...!!!!!!) this Tuesday and have some Kobideh and Santori!!


    1. Food ( I assume dinner!): At Deezi Restaurant from 7:30 PM-9:30PM

    2. Santori Movie: From 9:40PM-11:20

    1. Carpooling might be available (lets see how many car holders are interested in coming!)

    2. Food and refreshments are provided by Mehrdad at Deezi Restaurant in San Jose before the movie!! Great food, f[...] up service!
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