List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2007-09-28


    Europe - France Friday - September 28, 2007     07:00 PM

    Please list these events by Iranian writer, Nahid Rachlin (

    Readings and events by Nahid Rachlin

    Description of PERSIAN GIRLS, a memoir (Penguin 2006): In a story of ambition, oppression, hope, heartache, and sisterhood, Persian Girls traces Rachlin's coming of age in Iran under the late Shah-and her domineering father-her tangled family life, and her relationship with her older sister, and unexpected soul mate, Pari. Both girls refused to accept traditional roles prescribed for them under Muslim cultural laws. They devoured forbidden books. They had secret romances. But then things quickly changed. After narrowly avoiding an unhappy match herself with a man her parents chose for her, Nahid came to America, where she found literary success. Back in Iran, however, Pari's dreams fell to pieces.

    FRANCE: September 28, Friday, 7:00-8:30 P.M.

    Reading, book signing, PERSIAN GIRLS

    Shakespeare and Company.

    37 rue de la Bûcherie,

    Paris, France.

    Phone: 00 33 (0) 143 25 4093

    Free and open to the public


    Teaching a memoir-fiction workshop and cultural exploration offered by The Virginia Center for Creative Arts in a stunning little village, Auvillar. It will be a few days of close feedback, seminars, readings, excellent food, sightseeing, in a picturesque environment.

    Le Moulin a Nef / Auvillar Writers' Workshops

    Phone: 434-946-7236 or 212 996 3478

    DAVID & LAYLA film- CARY U.S. Public Release

    North Carolina Friday - September 28, 2007     07:00 PM

    Exact daily showtimes & Trailer at: .

    At Galaxy Cinemas. Film premiers on this date with several daily screenings. It shall continue to play for a week or more, as long as Iranians and American friends go to see it, especially during first weekend.

    Inspired by a true story.

    +++ "An earnest, frequently funny comedy. Persian Shiva Rose (Layla) excels as a self-reliant damsel in distress worth rooting for." - VARIETY.

    +++ "A bold, politically relevant film against impossible odds." - Harold Pinter, 2005 Nobel Laureate, London-based playwright & screenwriter.

    +++ "A superior variation on My Big Fat Greek Wedding, with unexpected insights." - Independent Film Critic.

    +++ "It's hard not to be infected by the good humor and sheer joie de vivre of David & Layla." -LA Weekly

    +++ "Take the star-crossed romance of Romeo & Juliet, add some graphic sexual humor a la The 40-Year-Old Virgin and toss into the crucible of Middle East politics, and you get David & Layla, a frothy romantic comedy. David & Layla is suffused with the warmth and passion of filmmaker Jay Jonroy Every scene Callie Thorne is in crackles with unhinged hilarity." Washington Post.

    +++ "This indie New York comedy ultimately seduces us with a steady assault of goodwill, bad jokes, goofy charm and buoyant music into buying a love affair between Brooklyn Jew and a Kurdish Muslim. It becomes contagious." - Washington Jewish Week

    +++ "My big, fat, Jewish-Muslim wedding." - The Jerusalem Post

    +++ "David & Layla manages to be both randy and chaste. An offbeat cross-cultural romance with a positive message." - The Los Angeles Times. +++ "Course of Love Runs Smooth in Film about Muslim-Jewish relations." - VOA Press Conference USA.

    U.S. cinemas & Trailer at official movie site:


    Monika Jalili : Noorsaaz

    Los Angeles Friday - September 28, 2007     08:00 PM

    Friday September 28th, 8pm

    Janet and Ray Scherr Forum

    Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza (click for directions)

    2100 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd.

    Thousand Oaks, CA 91362


    Phone: 805-449-2782

    Tickets: $25 and $35

    At box office and at the door if available.

    Student and senior discount available. Please bring ID>

    LIVE Kiosk Rock Concert in Vancouver

    Vancouver Friday - September 28, 2007     08:00 PM

    Name: KIOSK concert in Vancouver with special guests "The Shahrokh Izadkhah Trio"
    Persian Rock Music
    Host: Bamahang Productions
    Time and Place Date: Friday, September 28, 2007
    Time: 8:00pm - 11:30pm
    Location: Croatian Cultural Centre
    Street: 3250 Commercial Drive
    City/Town: Vancouver, BC
    Contact Info Phone: 206.617.9658

    A Great International Party On The Water | Butterfly | Be Our Guest!

    Bay Area - San Francisco Friday - September 28, 2007     09:00 PM

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