List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2007-08-10


    Michigan Friday - August 10, 2007     07:00 PM


    Showtimes at official movie site:

    Inspired by a true story. Persian American Hollywood actress “Shiva Rose (Layla) excels as a self-reliant damsel in distress worth rooting for." VARIETY.

    "Congratulations to Jay Jonroy for succeeding in making such a bold, politically relevant film against impossible industry odds." Harold Pinter, 2005 Nobel Laureate for Literature, twice Oscar nominee, London-based Writer/Actor/Director.

    "This new comedy about young loves and the large ethnic families (on both sides) that stand between them could have been just another My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but its originality and insight set it apart. David and Layla is a superior variation on that film, with unexpected insights..." Joe Baltake, Independent Film Critic. Official Movie Site for Trailer, film Clips & show times starting July 20 U.S Release nationwide and at this Anne Arbor cinema on Aug 10.

    Film shall continue to show several times daily at this and other cinemas nation-wide for as long as big audiences turn up. Otherwise, David & Layla will quickly be replaced with '300' Hollywood films!

    Film's music features Iranian Kayhan Kalhor, Ali Akbar Moradi, The Kamkars, Sussan Deyhim plus Jewish Klezmer and NY Jazz!

    21 Official Int'l Festival Selections, 5 Awards, including Best Breakthrough Performance Award- Shiva Rose, and the Spirit of the Independents Award- Jay Jonroy, Writer/Director.

    Film is unique: Official Selections not only at regular int'l film fests but also at Conflict Resolution & Human Rights fests, as well as at Romantic & Love film fests!

    Additional/future cities-cinemas & showtimes updates at movie site:

    For as yet an unreleased film, remarkably there are already 50+ diverse reviews posted at from festival screenings in the USA & Abroad.

    Every take of this film is different, original and 100% positive!

    Browse User Comments at IMDB- InternetMovieDataBase:

    General Admission: $10

    More Info:

    Buddha @ Ana Mandara - An International Party Blending Paris' Sophistication with San Francisco's Diversity

    Bay Area - San Francisco Friday - August 10, 2007     09:00 PM

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