List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2007-07-04

    Miles for Peace - Come and Support the Bikers from Iran

    Bay Area - San Francisco Wednesday - July 4, 2007     12:00 PM

    Cyclists from IRAN

    Ride across the USA for Peace!

    JULY 4th 2007

    12 noon

    Justin Herman Plaza

    San Francisco

    Considering the current state of world affairs and the particularly sensitive situation in Iran, "Mercy for All" charity organization ( has, in partnership with other NGOs, planned a cycling tour around Europe and North America to convey the Iranian people's message of peace, friendship and solidarity to the rest of the world.

    During this journey, which began on May 10th 2007, fourteen Iranian cyclists have traveled city by city across 4 European countries (Italy, France, Germany, U.K) and the United States to communicate the pacifist message of the Iranian people to the nations around the world.

    The cyclists are offering a hand-made emblem of "Miles for Peace", as a symbol of friendship on behalf of the Iranian people, to the mayors of the host cities as the elected representatives of European and American people. They have now arrived in San Francisco and will be meeting with Mayor Newsom on Monday the 2nd of July 2007.

    They plan to ride to Los Angeles on the 4th of July 2007 at 12pm from the Justin Herman in the Embarcadero in a spectacular ride-off!

    We warmly invite you to join the riders in a celebration of goodwill to spread peace, friendship and solidarity. Bring your friends, play music and dance. This is the first time these cyclists are in San Francisco. All riders are welcome to accompany them and strongly encouraged to escort them out of the city. Let them see what San Franciscans stand for!

    Donations to “Miles for Peace” are greatly needed and deeply appreciated. Your donations at this sensitive time will help the riders complete their journey successfully and attain their goal. This endeavor has been made possible by the donations of diverse peace lovers worldwide. Let’s shout for peace together and take a step to facilitate these peacemakers’ mission.

    Please make your donations here:>
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