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    Intellectual Relations and the Renewal of Religious Thought in Iran and Muslim India

    Iran - Tehran Saturday - June 30, 2007     09:00 AM

    Intellectual Relations and the Renewal of Religious Thought in Iran and Muslim India


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    9:00 AM Saturday, Jun 30
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    Iranian Institute of Philosophy
    Intellectual Relations and the Renewal of Religious Thought in Iran and Muslim India During the Modern Period
    During the Modern Period, the use of Persian by Muslim elites in a region that extended from Transoxania to the Deccan encouraged the formation of a relatively unified Islamic culture in spite of great geographical and political diversity. The circulation of scholars between Iran, Central Asia and India was a movement that had begun in the Medieval Period, and, reinforced by various factors, remained very important during the Modern Age, when the main ports of arrival for these scholars became the courts and the main cities of the Mughal Empire (1526-1858) and those of the Sultanates of the Deccan. The most important of the Muslim states of the Deccan were ruled for a period by Shiite dynasties and developed close relations with the intellectual milieu of Iran under the Shiites Safavids (1501-1732). The Iranian and the Central Asian immigrants, as well as their descendants, constituted for several centuries a fundamental portion of the Indian scholarly elites. The birth of nation-states and nationalism during the twentieth century ended up by radically separating cultural and geographical zones that had been bound together in the Mediaeval and Modern Periods. In the academic milieu, this helped separate Iranian and Indian studies into two divided fields.
    Iran and India have often been perceived as geographical zones on the periphery of the Muslim world. On the contrary, during the Modern Period the Indo-Iranian world became one of its centres, notably in the intellectual, doctrinal and literary spheres. This epoch generated numerous studies and works on philosophy, mysticism, religious sciences, rational and natural disciplines, and the heritage of the main authors of the Safavid-Mughal's age exerted a lasting influence on later authors and the curriculum of studies. Scientific, religious and artistic fields and studies were marked by the interest for Indian knowledge and its sources. The process of adaptation of Indian sources in Persian is one of the important processes of translation realised in the Muslim world during the Modern Epoch, and produced notable works until the Colonial Age. Important figures and movements of doctrinal renewal appeared in the Indo-Iranian world, especially with the beginning of the phase of colonialism's growing political and cultural pressure.
    The period dealt with by the Conference is a controversial one. Islam and the Muslim world during the Modern Period are often thought of negatively as a phase of substantial decline in intellectual production compared to the so-called 'Classical' Period. This prejudice was alimented by the Orientalists and one of its basic corollaries is that during this period Muslim scholars were considered to have merely commented on texts and ideas from the so-called 'Classical' Period. The idea of the decline of the Muslim world and thought in the Modern Period also played a relevant role in shaping the strategies of reform and modernisation of Islam by the reformist movements and forces that became active in India and Iran during the Colonial and Qajar epoch.
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    30 June - 2 July 2007 Conference hall of the Iranian Institute of Philosophy, 6 Arakliyan Alley, Neufl-le-Chateau St., Tehran, Iran
    This conference aims to explore the intellectual relations existing between Iran and India during the Modern Period.

    Iranian Festival in Seattle

    Seattle Saturday - June 30, 2007     10:30 AM

    Everyone is pulling together to make the first annual IRANIAN FESTIVAL

    a huge success. The IACA Festival Committee has organized an exciting

    lineup and now we're asking you to spread the word and mark the event

    on your calendars.

    Please bring your friends, family, and pretty much everyone you know:

    Saturday, June 30

    Seattle Center Pavilion

    10:30 am – 7:30pm

    Featuring all this and more:

    -Rumi poetry reading, celebrating UNESCO's International Year of Rumi

    -Local and international Iranian music and dance groups

    -Children's activities

    -Iranian films

    -Fashion show featuring regional dress of Iran (come dressed up if

    you'd like to participate!)

    -Tea House

    -Persian food

    Don't forget to go to the evening dance party benefit, featuring DJ

    Maryam and DJ Nima, starting at 9pm! Proceeds will go to benefit NW

    Cancer Research and Tavon. Tickets will be sold at the door for $10.

    Festival Poster:

    Music Schedule:

    Map of Seattle Center:

    More information to come as we count down to the festival!

    Special thanks to our sponsors, without whom this would not be possible:

    Allen (Ali) Afshar, Realtor

    Anoosh Afifi, M.S. D.D.S.

    Cherry Street Coffee House

    Masoud Nasab, Mortgage Money Store

    Fay & Amin Besharat, #1 Residential, REMAX

    Caspian Grill

    TBT Towing

    Titre Avval, The Persian Yellow Pages of Washington State

    Mo Souzaei, America's Choice Real Estate

    Reza Nikzad, Wood Financial Insurance

    Susan Amini, Law Firm, P.S.

    Salaam Cultural Museum

    Home Street Bank

    Floral Master

    Express Tune

    Ali Rouhfar

    Special thanks to Persian Circle and all of our volunteers!

    (Names will be listed in the post-festival thank-you)

    Special thanks to the Festival Organizing Committee:

    Behrooz Alavi

    Kaveh Aminian

    Maryam Golabchi

    Iraj Khademi

    Maryam Seyedali

    Nima Seyedali

    Ahmad Reza Yousefbeigi

    Mona Beuk Aghaei

    Ali Ghambari

    AJ Ghambari

    Arash Oliaei

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Iranian American Community Alliance (IACA)

    Uniting and strengthening the community through:

    -Cultural & Educational Events

    -Community Service

    -Civic Action>

    Join us on Saturday, June 30, 2007 for Unforgettable Hike Angel Island

    Bay Area - San Francisco Saturday - June 30, 2007     11:20 AM

    Dear Friends:

    Thank you for your continuous support. Our next hike will take place on Saturday, June 30, 2007, we will take the ferry to Angel Island, San Francisco. Often referred to as the "Jewel of the San Francisco Bay", Angel Island is a great place to spend an unforgettable day hiking.

    We will meet at front of the Ferry building terminal near Taylor Burger place at 11:00 am sharp. The ferry boat will leave at 11:20 am sharp (there is no waiting). For your convenience, we strongly recommend taking BART to the Ferry Building, because parking is often hard to find and expensive.

    Please purchase your around trip ferry tickets in for $14.50 online at

    Ferry Building Marketplace
    (It is a Building on Embarcadero with the Clock)
    One Ferry Building
    San Francisco, California 94111
    (415) 693-0996

    So, bring your hiking shoes, water, sun screen, hat, friends, smile, camera, and bring own sandwich ( there is no sharing if you do not bring anything you may go hungry).

    Please RSVP with no later than Friday, June 29, 2007, so I will know how many people to accept.

    Hope to see everyone,
    Bay Area Social Club ™

    P.S. Here is pictures to Mansour & Dariush concert

    conference & concert: "Transcending Nationalisms," with Niyaz

    Los Angeles Saturday - June 30, 2007     04:00 PM

    June 30 (Sat), 4-10 pm—International Conference and Concert, "Transcending Nationalisms," at the Fowler Museum, UCLA

    Can literature, music, art bridge the Middle East and the West? Writers/editors and musicians create a culture jam to blure the divide. A public conversation with Reza Aslan, Nathalie Handal and Sholeh Wolpé, moderated by Jordan Elgrably, followed by a reception and a concert with Niyaz at UCLA's Fowler Museum.

    Writers and editors of major anthologies featuring work from and about the Middle East discuss the role of literature in moving Western consciousness away from the terrorists and fanatics towards the cultural heritage of that region. To what extent can such anthologies play a role in bringing about a more balanced sense of shared humanity, and how can they contribute to the ongoing dialogue now taking place between the East and the West?

    There is an emerging international literary voice that is suggestive of a powerful and sustained interest in Middle Eastern cultures, and in the culture of its worldwide diaspora. It is a voice that is diverse and complex, shaped by the forces of immigration, exile, political upheaval, and revolution. Reza Aslan, Nathalie Handal and Sholeh Wolpé present the case for culture and discuss the important conciliatory role such anthologies can play in the present political climate.

    Organized and presented by Levantine Cultural Center and the Fowler Museum with the support of the Center for Near East Studies-UCLA and PEN Center West. Members of Levantine Cultural Center, the Fowler Museum, CNES and PEN, as well as students, receive a discount on event tix: Panel, reception and concert with Niyaz, general admission, $30, members/students price, $25. Panel event only, 4-6 pm, general admission $15, members/student price, $10. Purchase online below, or call 310.657.5511/657.5522:

    Tix $30, Panel, Reception & Concert

    Tix $25, Members/Students Price

    Tix $15, Panel Event Only

    Tix $10, Members/Students

    Reza Aslan is the author of No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam (Random House, 2005) and Editor in Chief of the upcoming Norton Anthology of Modern Literature of the Muslim World. An internationally acclaimed writer and scholar of religions, Reza Aslan is a regular commentator for NPR's Marketplace and Middle East Analyst for CBS News and has made several appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He is a research fellow with USC's Center for Public Diplomacy and a national advisory board member of Levantine Cultural Center.

    Nathalie Handal is a poet, playwright and editor of The Poetry of Arab Women and co-editor of the forthcoming Norton Anthology of The Contemporary Poetry of the Eastern World.

    Sholeh Wolpé is a poet, translator and editor of the forthcoming anthology Iconoclasts and Visionaries. Her books include The Scar Saloon and Sin: The Poetry of Forough Farrokhzad.

    Jordan Elgrably (moderator) is co-editor of the forthcoming anthology Iconoclasts and Visionaries and author of the forthcoming book of author interviews, Politics of the Word.

    Niyaz Three prominent artists, Azam Ali, best known as the vocalist of the successful world music group Vas, Loga Ramin Torkian, the multi-instrumentalist and composer for the critically acclaimed group Axiom of Choice, and Carmen Rizzo, a two time Grammy Award nominee producer/ remixer, have joined forces to create a globe-spanning sound that the trio calls "world music for the 21st century."

    Fowler Museum, UCLA. 308 Charles E Young Dr N, Los Angeles, CA 90095. [Map]

    Cultures of the Middle East & Mediterranean
    1012 S. Robertson Blvd., Suite C
    Los Angeles CA 90035-1537

    Nazanin Borders Tour

    Michigan Saturday - June 30, 2007     07:30 PM

    06/30/2007 07:30 PM - Borders Books and Music

    34300 Woodward, Birmingham, Michigan

    Nazanin will be touring select Borders stores across the USA in June and July. She will share her positive message of "Progressive Revolution" through speech and song. All are invited to see Nazanin speak out on the causes she holds dear and intimately perform tracks from her debut disc Someday.>

    Peyvand Khorsandi: Comedy in Hampstead

    Europe - UK Saturday - June 30, 2007     08:00 PM

    Comedy in Hampstead

    Friday 29, Saturday 30 June
    Sunday 1 July, Monday 2 July


    Downstairs at
    The Washington
    Englands Lane
    London NW3 4UE

    Tube: Belsize Park

    Info and reservations: 07983 486 839
    or email:

    Tickets: £8 (£6 students)
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