List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2007-06-06

    Help Save Last Asiatic Cheetahs in Iran

    Bay Area - San Francisco Wednesday - June 6, 2007     06:30 PM

    Dear Friends,

    About a month ago, we attended a presentation about the few remaining and critically endangered Asiatic Cheetahs that have somehow found a refuge in a rugged and beautiful part of Iran. Listening to their plight and how they have dwindled to around 60-100, we felt a tremendous sense of urgency combined with pride.

    Like many of you, Farhad and I are involved with a lot of causes from orphanages in Mexico and India, to womens issues in Iran, and a whole host of other worthy causes. The urge to do a small part in helping to insure the survival of these beautiful animals should not conflict with the pursuit of all the other worthy and important causes. We acknowledge the weight of the starving children of the world on our conscience, but we believe that each cause deserves its own sponsors.

    Iran and the Iranians are faced with the guardianship of these last remaining majestic cats. Jokingly, someone mentioned "These cats must not be that smart if theyve chosen Iran!" Be as it may, lets make sure we are not the generation that turned its back on the efforts to preserve these animals, and thus witnessed their extinction.

    One of the reactions I had when I was discussing this effort with some friends and family was, "The Persian community is not into these things." In jest, I was told that the only issue regarding Cheetahs for Persian women would be whether or not a coat made from Cheetah fur would shed! It is true that there might be people out there who do not find any substance in a cause like this. Let us prove that there are a lot of us who do care and are willing to take part in this collective effort.

    It is heartwarming to listen to some positive and forward looking views that seem to be developing towards this project from the officials in Iran. There are young scientists and college students who are involved with this project. You can not help feeling very proud of them and their efforts. Maybe through the commitment to a project like this, the country will move towards more ecological awareness.

    This should be a subject close to every ones heart, but should weigh particularly highly on the Iranians conscience. Inviting you to attend this presentation and learn more about these beautiful creatures is our small way of taking an active role in their preservation. We are asking for a minimal contribution of $50.00 to attend the evening. There will be yummy Persian food and great wines, all of which are donated. The 100% tax deductible contributions will be entirely used for the project. After listening to the presentation, you can decide if this makes sense and is worthy of your further consideration and help. In the meantime, you will have had a good dinner, good wines and great company and an evening to visit and catch up.

    This does not get our American friends off the hook! I know a lot of you to be staunch animal lovers and environmentally conscientious citizens of this world. Come and enjoy a great evening for a great cause. We look forward to seeing a lot of you in our house. Please forward this invitation to as many people as you think might care. Thanks so much,

    Nahal and Farhad Taleghani

    Below is the official invitation: Save the Date!

    June 6th, 2007

    6:30-8:30 pm


    You are Cordially invited to

    An Evening to Benefit the Asiatic Cheetah in Iran.

    Please join us for an evening to benefit the Asiatic cheetah in Iran.

    The Asiatic Cheetah currently exists in small, isolated populations in Northern Iran totaling less than 100.

    This recently launched GPS collaring study there is the first detailed ecological study of cheetahs in Asia,

    and will furnish key information to help protect this critically endangered population.

    Felidae Conservation Funds Executive Director Zara McDonald

    will present on the ground-breaking study that seeks to understand more about the charismatic and

    critically endangered Asiatic cheetah, and how to protect the remaining populations that exist today, only in Iran.

    Please join us and support this imperative and high profile 3 year project in Iran.

    Wine, assorted beverages and Persian food will be served.

    Silent Auction & Raffle

    Please RSVP to Felidae Conservation Fund to attend this event.

    Space is limited. or call 415.315.9625

    140 Mission Drive, Mill Valley

    Easy Parking at this address along the street in front of the house.>

    Book Reading & Signing: "The Blood of Flowers"

    Virginia Wednesday - June 6, 2007     07:30 PM

    Dear family, friends and colleagues,
    I’m really happy to let you know that my first novel, The Blood of Flowers, will be out on June 5. I will be doing some readings and would love it if you could come.
    Please feel free to forward this message to anyone you think will be interested. I will send an updated message a few weeks before the events. Thanks for all your support!
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