List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2007-04-04

    Persian Visions Photo Exhibition - Contemporary Photography from Iran

    Maryland Wednesday - April 4, 2007     12:00 AM
    Persian Visions Photo Exhibition
    Contemporary Photography from Iran
    April 4, 2007 through May 2, 2007

    With more than 80 photographs by renowned Iranian
    photographers, this exhibition provides a rare, revealing
    glance into Iranian life and experiences at the present
    time.The twenty artists included in the exhibition are
    among Iran’s most celebrated photographers who use
    the medium of photography for cultural expression
    and self-exploration. Many of the works in this collection
    have been exhibited extensively in Europe and
    elsewhere in the world. Several artists have lived abroad
    and experienced western culture before returning to
    Iran to re-experience and document their own culture.
    This perspective of life in Iran contradicts the way many
    foreign photographers use the medium--which is to represent
    Iran and its people as purely exotic. The Center
    for Persian Studies (CPS) is proud to co-sponsor the
    exhibit along with the UMCP Art Gallery.

    For more information please visit International Arts & Artists website.

    Persian Girls - Reading & Discussion with Nahid Rachlin

    New York Wednesday - April 4, 2007     06:30 PM

    Persian Girls - Reading & Discussion with Nahid Rachlin


    Event Type
    Date And Time
    6:30 PM Wednesday, Apr 4
    Event Area
    New York Metro
    Event Location
    455 Fifth Avenue (40th Street) 6th Floor
    Reading, discussion, booksigning- PERSIAN GIRLS, memoir REVIEWS: NPR: THE WORLD Slected by Christopher Merrill, the Director of Iowa International Writing Program as one of the best four books of 2006. "If you want to know what it was like to grow up in Iran this is the book to read. Rachlin, the author of five previous works of fiction, including the much acclaimed Foreigner, begins her story at the age of nine, when she was taken away from the only mother she had ever known—her aunt, as it happens—and returned to a family in which the prospects of her becoming a writer were, at best, dim. But her portrait of the artist is filled with light." *** Matt Beynon Rees, contributing editor, Time: “Through the touching story of two sisters, Persian Girls unfolds the entire drama of modern Iran. It’s a beautiful memoir of the cruelty of men toward women, and it paints the exotic scents and traditions of Tehran with the delicacy of a great novel. If you want to understand Iran, read Nahid Rachlin.” *** Dona Munker, coauthor of Daughter of Persia: “Riveting and beautifully observed, Persian Girls recounts Nahid Rachlin’s family epic with the same quietly mesmerizing power that makes her novels and short stories linger in the mind years after we’ve read the last page.”
    Admission Fee
    Contact Info
    Information: 212 340 0874
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