List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2006-12-17

    Join Child Foundation's Campaign Against Poverty & Extreme Hunger!

    Minnesota Sunday - December 17, 2006     12:00 PM

    Unite for Children!
    Join Child Foundation's Campaign Against Poverty & Extreme Hunger!
    Minneapolis, MN

    Sunday, December 17, 2006 12-4:00 PM
    at Atlas Restaurant - 612-332-4200

    Learn more!

    If you are unable to attend and wish to donate your ticket,
    $30 to feed one cancer patient for one month in Iran;
    please visit us
    Thanking You in Advance
    On Behalf of All Cancer Patients in Iran!

    ZANAN Lecture: Project Americas

    Bay Area - South Bay Sunday - December 17, 2006     01:30 PM

    Salaam Bar Hamegy,
    It is with great pleasure to announce our dear guest for December meeting; Golbon Eghtedari. Golbon who was born in Tehran, has spent most of her life on the west coast and is a 2002 graduate from Lincoln High School in Portland Oregon. In 2004 an apartment fire sent her to South America to "find herself", but she found much more than that. Witnessing first hand the dark reality of poverty and hunger in the eyes of abandoned and ignored kids roaming the streets, she knew there was something to be done; PROJECT AMERICAS!

    "Golbon has put her heart and soul into developing “Project Americas”. She has decided to raise the awareness of the people in this country about some of the choices that the US government is making on the world stage, while, at the same time, help some of the street children in South America. During year 2005 Golbon worked hard and created and sold her artwork to get started on this project."

    Project Americas phase : 1 (BRAZIL)

    Golbon just returned from Brazil few months ago. She will share stories, photos and clips from her film in progress and her seven month journey. She explores the cultural/economical /geographical differences between Salvador (Bahia) and Rio de Janeiro, while observing their cycles of social interaction that produce the reality of street kids by the masses.

    It is very refreshing to see the young Iranian generation thinking and acting globally. This meeting will be in English and open to everyone.

    Persian Awards - Persian Man and Woman of the Year

    Ontario - Toronto Sunday - December 17, 2006     05:00 PM

    This is the only and first international Persian Awards ever. And the first event will host in Toronto on December 17th 2006 as Persian man and woman of the year.

    For more information call to 1-416-907-2090 or 1-818-286-3969 or visit

    Shiva Rose in DAVID & LAYLA at Berlin Kurdish Film Festival

    Europe - Germany Sunday - December 17, 2006     06:00 PM

    18 Official Selections, 4 Wins.

    Shiva Rose, the first Persian American actress in a lead role in an English-speaking feature, just won "Best Breakthrough Performance Award- see IMDB and Iranian of The Day at

    "Shiva Rose (as Layla) excels as a self-reliant damsel in distress worth rooting for." VARIETY.

    Director, who won 'Spirit of Independent Award', will introduce the film.

    DAVID & LAYLA is making a Guiness Book of Records by being Official Selections not only at regular film fests but also at 'Conflict Resolution' and 'Human Rights' fests, as well as at 'Love' and 'Romantic' film fests!

    From an impossible romance, a hope (a fantasy!) for peace: David & Layla- a Jewish Muslim Politcal Romantic Comedy. Set in New York, inspired by a true story.

    "This new comedy about young loves and the large ethnic families (on both sides) that stand between them could have been just another My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but its originality and insight set it apart. This outright charmer by Jay Jonroy has the potential of being a broad crowd-pleaser, along the lines of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Only David and Layla is a superior variation on that film, with unexpected insights…” Joe Baltake.

    DORNOB in concert

    California - San Diego Sunday - December 17, 2006     07:00 PM

    *Language is outside the door
    What are you the doorknob for?

    On Rumi's 'Wedding Night"

    DORNOB Ensemble - with special guest Dara Bamoradi (qanun) - play classical, folk, and original Persian music in non-traditional ways, by mixing in elements of jazz.

    Hamid Radvar (Persian-tuned keyboard)
    Mahmood Shamshiri (ney & vocals)
    Shaahin Tavili (electronic drumset)
    Farzaneh Foroughi (daf & vocals)
    Nima Heydari (fretless bass guitar)
    Kamron Bahrami (tombak)
    and Farhad Bahrami (tar)
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