List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2006-11-23

    David & Layla at 17th Stockholm Int'l Film Festival

    Europe - Sweden Thursday - November 23, 2006     09:30 PM

    Persian American actress "Shiva Rose (Layla) excels as a self-reliant damsel in distress worth rooting for." VARIETY. (On Sat., Nov 11th at big Gala Ceremony in Florida, Shiva Rose will personally receive “Best Breakthrough Actress” Award for her first lead role in David & Layla at 21st FLIFF- Ft. Lauderdale Int’l Film Festival. Opening night was Almodovar’s VOLVER. Closing nights Friday and Award Ceremony nights - Nov 10th & 11th- are David & Layla screenings.)

    At Stockholm's 17th Int'l Film Fest, Director will introduce the film competing in ‘American Independents’ section. DAVID & LAYLA is unique by being Official Selections not only at regular film festivals, but also at 'Political/Human Rights' film fests, and at 'Love/Romantic' film fests. 18 Official Selections, 2 Wins. See at From an impossible romance, a hope (a fantasy!) for peace: David & Layla- a Jewish Muslim Romantic Comedy. Set in New York, inspired by a true story. "This new comedy about young loves and the large ethnic families (on both sides) that stand between them could have been just another My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but its originality and insight set it apart. This outright charmer by Jay Jonroy has the potential of being a broad crowd-pleaser, along the lines of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Only David and Layla is a superior variation on that film, with unexpected insights…” Joe Baltake.

    DAVID & LAYLA is in "American Independent Competition" with ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and other notalbe independents that were at Sundance NY and Tonronto fests by major filmmakers such as Richard Linklater Kevin Smith…etc featuring such stars as Nick Nolte Wynona Ryder Keanu Reeves Robert Downy Jr. Woody Harrelson Winona Ryder Ben Affleck…

    Friday 17 Nov 22.00 (10 PM) Filmhuset, Bio Mauritz

    Sunday 19 Nov 22.00 (10 PM) Filmhuset, Bio Mauritz

    Thursday 23 Nov 21.30 (9.30 PM) Filmhuset, Bio Mauritz

    Admission Fee 60 SEK

    Tickets & Stockholm Festival Info at:

    Film info: http://www>

    Contact Info :
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