List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2006-11-21

    Permanent Madness Exhibition

    Bay Area - South Bay Tuesday - November 21, 2006     10:00 AM

    San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

    520 South First Street

    San Jose, CA 95113


    An exhi bition of handmade costumes and props from "Permanent Madness" by Nazanin Shenasa will be in the Museum's Streetside Gallery November 21, 2006 - January 22, 2007

    "Permanent Madness" is a reinterpretation of the 12th century Iranian love story of Layla and Majnun, in which the lovers are driven insane by their longing. This classic tale has impacted the Eastern audience as Romeo and Juliet had impacted the Western audience.

    The exhibit will showcase historically-based Iranian garments and backdrop created by Shenasa.

    Syrian and Persian Movie Night

    Orange County Tuesday - November 21, 2006     07:00 PM

    Syrian and Persian Movie Night

    Tuesday November 21, 2006

    Location: Social Science Lab 290.

    Time: 7-10 pm


    Featuring Film showings and Speakers:

    Classic Syrian Cinema Film At Our Listeners' Request by Abdellatif Abdul-Hamid & Color of Friend directed and produced by Bita Shafipour

    Classic Syrian Cinema Film At Our Listeners' Request by Abdellatif Abdul-Hamid

    Synopsis: Tuesday in small-town Syria in 1969 means only one thing: gathering at the local bigwig's house to hear the popular radio show *At Our Listeners' Request* To a nostalgic soundtrack of classic Arabic ballads, the film's cast of oddball characters pursue their dreams and romances, but the radio brings more than they bargained for: news of the Apollo moon landing, reports of bombings on the border with Israel. And when the town's young hero is drafted, the radio's songs become more poignant still.

    Persian Short Film: Color of Friend directed and produced by Bita Shafipour

    Synopsis: Soudabeh reunites with her artistic essence and finds love again, by meeting and falling for an artist who unknowingly changes the direction of her paintings and her view on art and love. (15 mins)

    Speakers: Producer/Director Ahmad Zahra & Producer/Director Bita Shafipour

    Ahmad Zahra was born in Damascus, Syria and raised in both Syria and England. This combination of both Western and Eastern upbringing influences all aspects of his life, including his style as a Filmmaker. After acquiring a Medical Degree from Damascus University, Ahmad went on to study Film, his first passion, at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). His film experience ranges from development and production to distribution and marketing in both independent and studio pictures. After several years with 20th Century Fox, Ahmad went on to found Zahra Pictures in response to a need in the film market for media that can bridge the gap between cultures and provide accurate and balanced information especially about Islam which is still a highly misunderstood religion. Ahmad will be speaking about the film production in the Middle East and the challenges one faces when making films in and about the Middle East. He will also speak about the Syrian film At Our Listeners' Request, the history and story behind the film

    Producer/Director Bita Shafipour Iranian producer, director and writer, Bita's film "Color of Friend" has been a part of the Miami Short Film Festival and the LA ShortsFest. She will be speaking about her film Color of Friend.

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