List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2006-09-30

    Reading - Funny in Farsi

    Bay Area - East Bay Saturday - September 30, 2006     11:00 AM

    Berkely Reading California Stories: Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh Dumas & Ther Circuit by Francisco Jimenez. Community Read Aloud,

    SATURDAY, Sept 30, 11-1 pm,
    West Berkeley Senior Center, 1900 Sixth Street, Sponsored by Persian Center, Friends of Berkeley Public Library, Office of Mayor Tom Bates, City of Berkeley Senior Centers,
    and Project BUILD.

    For more information, call 510-981-6139.

    Free Real Estate Licensing Course and Education

    Bay Area - East Bay Saturday - September 30, 2006     05:00 PM

    Look around you or look at financial situation of famous people. Do you know how rich people pay less tax than you and I?

    Do you know our governor has made more money in real estate than he made making movies?

    Real Estate has been the best investment in California forever. Despite, it is safer than investing in Stocks, It has outperformed stock market again and again most of the time.

    As you know knowledge is power, if you are retired, housewife or want to be your own boss, working in flexible hours, we have a proposition for you.

    Never be bound to go to work 9 to 5. Work 4-6 hours a day instead from your home if you want, whenever you want and make more money at the same time.

    How? Simple. We have a three-step approach.

    1. We teach you how to get license.

    2. We teach you how to find Costumers.

    3. We teach you how to close the deal.

    Step 2 is the most important factor that makes or breaks a successful career in Real Estate Business. The truth is that during the past it was necessary to pump huge amount of money into advertisement to be successful in business.

    We show you a method to get your name out there with help of new technology. We have a team of Software engineers who constantly find new high tech methods to promote you as real estate agents. The good news is that we are paying for all the costs associated with it.

    Come in and we explain how our knowledge in technology and advertisement can be translated to your success and like all other services for our employees, even this service is free. To make a log story short, we not only give a license to fish, we teach you where to find fishes and help you to catch them.

    Being a real estate agent is so easy with us. Do not listen to people who say it is not good time to become a real estate agent. We can show you in 10 minutes that there is never a bad market for real estate. There are a lot of bad real estate agents out there, who blame the market for not making it. They are bad marketer.

    They blame this market for their inability to find buyers!? We can show you that we were successful to find many buyers even in this marker. As a Mather of fact 90% of people who contact us for real estate services are buyers. That's the power of targeted marketing.

    Even if you know people who are currently a Real Estate Agent and do not have enough business, let them know that American Dream Realty is giving agents free lead. We are different from other Real Estate Companies.

    We believe in giving, instead of taking. We give money to out Buyers, We sell our sellers homes free of charge if we can not sell it during the first 69 days and we give our agents free leads to find new customers. We believe this a new and better approach to do business and you will learn how this approach can make you tones of money.

    You will meet people from all nationalities and cultures; will be invited to their parties and events. Beside making good money, a couple of years in Real estate make magic for you social life.

    Sounds interesting? Then what do you have to lose? The classes are free, the studying material is free. We just want you to come to our office and try one of our free classes, 95% of people who have completed our courses have Real Estate license now.

    What do we expect from our students.

    1. We expect you to know English enough to read daily newspaper in English and understand it.

    2. We expect you to carry simple conversation in English

    3. We expect you to put some time in this business at least 3 hours a day, cause if you are not serious, you will not make serious money in this business and we want only successful agents in out team.

    You need to participate 8 times back to back to be able to pass the Real Estate exam. You need also to complete some homework, which usually takes 3-4 hours to complete.

    Every thing else that you need to learn is provided to you Free of charge.

    Our classes are every Monday 5-8 pm in our Fremont Office Located at 37674 Fremont Blvd, Fremont Ca 94536.

    Best Regards

    Broker Of American Dream Realty

    Hamid Reza Dadgar

    Egypt meets Persia party

    Bay Area - San Francisco Saturday - September 30, 2006     08:00 PM

    The Hottest Arabic, Persian event @ Luxor Club South San Francisco

    More info

    Som'ma live at the Red Poppy Art House in SF (Middle Eastern Electronica).... Sat. 9-30-2006

    Bay Area - San Francisco Saturday - September 30, 2006     08:00 PM

    The Red Poppy

    2698 Folsom St.

    San Francisco, CA, 94110

    Saturday, September 30, 2006 8PM

    An evening of traditional Persian music and Middle Eastern Electronica Dance Party....

    Using the rich Persian classical Music Tradition to generate a musically rich tapestry, Som'ma continues to explore the realms of electronica, dub and the Persian dastgah, with an intelligence of spirit where the ancient and modern can converse. Traditional Persian instruments and digital technology meet at the crossroads of Sufism and the modern age.

    Based in San Francisco, Som'ma has performed throughout the United States with highlights at venues in Los Angeles and New York such as UCLA, UC Berkeley, Kush Lounge NYC, Brooklyn Lycium, Earthdance Festival, Levantine Cultural Center and numerous festivals and events.

    Featuring Persian multi instrumentalist Shirzad Sharif on tonbak, daff,and tambur. Producer Jef Stott (MC Rai, Lumin, Six Degrees) on oud, laptop and daff. Multi Instrumentalist Pourya Khademi on Violin and Tonbak.

    Leila Sadeghi performing Middle Eastern Dance.

    For more information:


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