List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2006-09-22

    An International Conference on Global Perspectives on Iranian Constitutional Movement

    Maryland Friday - September 22, 2006     12:00 PM

    An International Conference on Global Perspectives on Iranian Constitutional Movement: Appropriation, Adaptation, Indigenization

    September 21-24, 2006

    The University of Maryland's Center for Persian Studies (CPS) Supported by The Iranian American Bar Association (IABA)

    On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the University of Maryland, and to showcase the University's recent advances in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies in general and in Persian Studies in particular, the Center for Persian Studies will hold an international conference to commemorate the centenary of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution, an epoch-making event that has charted the course of the modern Middle East.

    The constitutional movement in late 19th and early 20th century Iran, crystallized by the adoption of a written constitution in 1906, is a prime example of how seemingly local socio-political and cultural moments epitomize and foretell deeper emerging regional and global trends. The Constitutional Revolution is widely considered to have been a defining political event. Inspired by intellectual currents emanating from different cultures, it shaped 20th century political movements not just in Iran, but throughout the region. Its legacy lives with us to this day.

    Despite its broader regional and global context and significance, studies of Iran's constitutional movement have focused principally on the political and diplomatic events surrounding the Constitutional Revolution and its immediate aftermath. Thus, the intellectual and cultural movement that led to the Revolution and continues to this day has not received the attention it deserves, particularly from interdisciplinary or comparative perspectives; nor has its broader legacy with respect to local and regional issues been properly assessed. The conference will focus on these dimensions to spur further research in these directions. It will also address areas that have received less attention through the 20th century, such as law, literature, and socio-economic history.

    The timing of the conference is particularly propitious, as democracy and the rule of law have emerged as subjects of intense interest in the Middle East and around the world. In a world where transmission of political ideas such as liberty, equality, due process, separation of powers, and limited government invariably involves translation of abstract ideas into different cultural vocabularies, a better understanding of how these ideas have been treated historically by local political cultures seems imperative to a greater appreciation of the ways in which they will likely continue to evolve.

    The conference will bring together 12-15 leading scholars of Iran's constitutional movement and its transnational and global connections in disciplines such as history, politics, law, and literature. In addition to the highest possible quality of presentations, a hallmark of the conference's deliberations would be the provision of ample time for scholarly exchanges, dialogues, and debates across various disciplines and professions. Scholars and academics will interact with professionals and policy-makers and other interested members of the audience to nurture a memorable arena fore cross-pollination of ideas.

    Casting Call - Auditions

    Bay Area Friday - September 22, 2006     01:00 PM


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    Bananas ~ A MEGA INTERNATIONAL PARTY ~ This is one party that you don't want to miss it!!!

    Bay Area - San Francisco Friday - September 22, 2006     08:30 PM

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