List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2006-04-25

    Persian Sacred and Folk Music

    New York Tuesday - April 25, 2006     08:00 PM


    April 25th 7:00 PM Stony Brook University L.I. NY

    Persian Sacred Music

    Amir Vahab, and his ensemble & The Daf Caravan

    On this special evening Amir Vahab and his Ensemble will perform songs selected from the poetry of the great Sufi Masters Rumi and Hafez as well as other legendary poets. A profound calling from the heart, these songs invite the listener to delve deep within to the universal silence that connects us all. The ensemble will also perform lively folk and traditional music from Persian, Kurdish, Turkish and other sources featuring the etherial sounding Ney (mystical reed flute), Tanbur (ancient three-stringed long-necked lute), Chogur (eight-stringed long neck lute), Daf (large frame drum associated with Sufi rituals), Barbat (eight century Persian lute with a fretless short neck) and Tombak (Persian goblet drum). The concert concludes with a dynamic drumming performance that echoes the universal heartbeat of existence.

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