List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2006-04-24

    Free Real Estate Licensing and training

    Bay Area - East Bay Monday - April 24, 2006     05:00 PM

    We Teach You How to Pass Department of Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Test (Real Estate Agent) and become a licensed Real Estate Agent.

    The benefit of having a Real Estate License is as Follows:

    1. Make up to $100,000 for each deal you get involved in.

    2. Get Free Access to wholesale loans and foreclosure properties.

    3. Get to Know the Real Estate Market and benefiting from buying and selling properties for yourself.

    4. Find you own dream house without dealing with a salesperson.

    5. Get commission when you buying home for yourself or other family members.

    If you are smart you will see easily that people who got rich, done it not through their 9 to 5 daily work, but mostly trough knowing the market, especially Real Estate Market.

    Ten years from now, you either regret not participating in this free class or will be satisfied with your decision.

    The choice is yours, if you live in Bay Area come any Monday 5.00 pm to my office and participate in this free class.

    The classes at my office location at:

    37674 Fremont Blvd

    Fremont CA 94536

    Mondays at 5.00 pm, Please do not arrive late.

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