List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2006-02-12

    Maz Jobrani (Axis of Evil) Stand Up Comedy

    Bay Area - South Bay Sunday - February 12, 2006     07:30 PM

    The Axis of Evil Comedy Show is coming to the Bay Area. This is a standup
    comedy show with some of the top Middle Eastern/American comics in the
    country. The comics include, Maz Jobrani from "Friday After Next", "The
    Interpreter" and "13 Going on 30", Ahmed Ahmed from "Punk'd", and
    "Fahrenheit 9/11", Aron Kader from "The Shield", and "Premium Blend", and
    Sam Tripoli from "Premium Blend", and "The Late Late Show." This show has
    sold out several times in Washington DC, Los Angeles and San Diego. It is
    making its Bay Area debut on Feb. 9th in San Francisco and Feb. 12th in San
    Jose. It is a great night of standup touching on politics, relationships and
    much more. All the comics can be viewed on their websites at,,,

    Go to for more info and you can also find more info
    on the attached postcard.

    Persian Aural Feast

    California - San Diego Sunday - February 12, 2006     08:00 PM

    On Sunday February 12 Dizzy's jazz-club will host a rare "Persian Aural Feast".

    Musicians from all over California will present many flavors of Persian music. You'll hear the Tar - "the king of Persian instruments" - played by Ashkan Ghafouri (of the Bay Area) and San Diego's own Farhad Bahrami.

    Also featured will be the Setar - different than it's Indian cousin , the sitar - played by Kourosh Taghavi.

    From L.A. Kamran Aghtaee will play the Ney, the simple 7-hole bamboo flute, which when played with Persian technique, produces a breathy other-worldly sound.

    Drummers Faramarz Amiri (from L.A.), Fardin Karamkhani (also from L.A.), and local teenager Kamron Bahrami form the rhythm section (using Tombak & Daf), along with another local teenager Nima Heydari on fretless bass!

    Aryan Rahmanian (from the Bay Area) will soar above the music, singing the mystical poetry of the Persian Sufi poets Rumi & Hafiz.

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