List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2005-11-11

    Shaparak Khanoom

    Bay Area - East Bay Friday - November 11, 2005     08:00 PM

    Young Iranian American Theater Company, Javene, is presenting Shaparak Khanoom by Bijan Mofid.

    When: Nov 11, 12 at 8 pm---Nov 13 at 2 pm

    Where: Ashby Stage Theater at 1901 Ahby St. at MLKJ way in Berkeley, CA

    Tickets: $15 Adults, $10 Children

    Reservation/Info: 510-654-7803

    The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour - Washington DC

    Washington DC Friday - November 11, 2005     09:00 PM

    The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour is a show created by 3 of the top Middle Eastern/American comics in the world today - Ahmed Ahmed - (Punk’d, Farhenheit 9/11, The Wall Street Journal), Aron Kader - (Premium Blend, The Shield, Newsweek) and Maz Jobrani - (Friday After Next, The Interpreter, Curb Your Enthusiasm). Like “The Real Kings of Comedy” and “The Blue Collar Tour”, this show features comics who have similar ethnic backgrounds. However, what makes this show so important is the timing. Given how Middle Easterners are portrayed today in the media, these three comics, who have either been born in the US or grown up here, have taken it upon themselves to show a different face of their people. Having come up at Mitzi Shore’s World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles where legends like Sam Kinison, Jim Carrey and David Letterman came up, these comics cross over well to the mainstream. The guys are proud to announce that opening the show in D.C. will be New York comedienne Maysoon Zayid (As The World Turns, MTV, 20/20,) who is another top Middle Eastern/American comic and tours often with the group.

    Date and Time: Friday, November 11, 2005 8:00 PM


    Admission Fee: $30/$25/$20

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