List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2005-08-25

    Transforming the Grid

    Chicago Thursday - August 25, 2005     05:00 PM


    OPENSOURCE Art presents Transforming the Grid, an exhibition of contemporary video, drawing, installation, and mural arts. Hailed by the News-Gazette as an “outlet for non-traditional art” and “a space that is about the sharing of ideas,” OPENSOURCE is proud to present a show that epitomizes its commitment to socially engaged non-traditional art.

    Whether scaled at 1x1 or one million x one million, Transforming the Grid displays works that transform, alter, convert, metamorphose, mold, mutate, revolutionize, switch, transfigure, translate, transmogrify, transmute, or transpose grids and patterns. It encompasses broad and unusual interpretations of the grid, from the literal to the metaphorical. Thus, A. Bill Miller’s Book of Grids offers a whimsical take on the centrality of grids and templates to drawing and history alike.

    For Canadian artist Samar Modonpour, meanwhile, the grid format offers a way to communicate what she calls My Internet Tale: Hijab Movement in Iran, a stunning and massive mural constructed from more than 3000 photographs, each mounted on a ceramic tile, of Iranian women wearing the Hijab, or Islamic head-covering. An investigation of female beauty and agency, as well as patriarchy and traditionalism, Modonpour’s work transforms the grid in a way that is of particular importance to the post-9/11 conjuncture, where our popular obsession with Islam is matched only by the poverty of our knowledge and experience.

    Transforming the Grid begins with a reception, free and open to the public, on Thursday August 18, from 7-10pm. The exhibition runs until Sunday August 28. Please see for a complete list of opening times and for information about OPENSOURCE’s regular OPENhours, where members of the public can join our meetings and propose new collaborative projects. Several supporting events will take place during the showing of Transforming the Grid. On Friday August 20, from 9-11pm, OPENSOURCE’s regular movie night, SHOWtime, will present a grid-themed film, complete with popcorn and beverages, all free and open to the public. And on Monday August 22, OPENSOURCE will host its first ROCKtime event, featuring musical performances by d.biddle (Denver CO),

    Mistakes (Brooklyn NY), and The Chemicals (Champaign IL). The show begins at 8pm and is open to all ages. We suggest a $3 donation to cover the bands’ expenses.

    Contact Amber Ginsburg to arrange interviews with artists, OPENSOURCE Art volunteers, or to arrange for a private viewing of this exciting art event.


    Phone: (217) 721-7790

    Contact: Amber Ginsburg


    (217) 721-7790

    OPENSOURCE Art presents

    Transforming the Grid

    August 18 -- 28, 2005

    Opening Reception: April 18, 7-10pm

    OPENSOURCE Art, 12 East Washington Street, Champaign, IL 61820

    Champaign, IL, 8/14/2005.

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