List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2005-06-23

    Free NYU screening of "David & Layla" (2005) romantic comedy/drama independent feature

    New York Thursday - June 23, 2005     05:45 PM

    David & Layla, a new romantic comedy/drama film inspired by a true story! Free private NYU preview of 109-min independent film Thurs 5.45 pm June 23rd, New York University,721 Broadway (lower level) at Waverly Place.

    You and your guests are invited to attend the first free private preview of David & Layla in NY arranged by Jeremiah Newton, NYU Film and TV industry liaison, for members of the Hampton International Film Festival selection committee.

    Kindly arrive at 5.45 pm. Regret, NO late arrivals can enter once the film starts at 6 pm sharp in order not to disturb the Hampton FF members for whose consideration this private preview has been especially arranged. The theatre has 88 seats so please RSVP only if you and your guests commit to attend definitely. Please, no excuses: If you can’t attend, you shall be invited to future screenings. Please RSVP by email stating clearly how many in totals will definitely be attending? If you don’t hear from us, assume you shall have seats. First come, first seats. Best, Alex. RSVP to:

    Plot Summary of David & Layla (109-mins.)

    “Star-crossed lovers: a modern Romeo & Juliet in New York with a twist - comedy and spice!...via Iraq, Kurdistan, and Jerusalem."

    Inspired by a true story: It is love at first sight when David, a hip Jewish New Yorker TV producer of "Sex and Happiness," first sees the mysterious, sensual Layla. She's a Kurdish Muslim refugee with a tragic past and an ancient culture. Advised by his cool French Cameraman, David's amour fou attempts to woo Layla eventually succeed. But her family is dead against, as is his. Layla faces deportation. She must make a crucial life decision: Jewish David or Muslim Dr. Ahmad? Will David and Layla follow their hearts? Burdened by their families' religious prejudices, who will convert? Will their love and passion for life (and spice!) oblige their families to rise above their heritage of hate and war?

    NYU David & Layla free private preview of 109-min film Thurs 5.45 pm June 23rd, 721 Broadway (lower level) at Waverly Place.

    New York University

    Theater 006, 721 Broadway, Lower Level (at Waverly Place), NYC, NY 10003

    RSVP to:

    photos/stills of David & Layla film inspired by a true story.

    David & Layla an independent feature at InternetMovieDataBase IMDB and IMDB Pro.

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