List of Persian/Iranian Events for 2005-06-21

    NYC Concert of Monika Jalili : NoorSaaz

    New York Tuesday - June 21, 2005     09:30 PM

    Dear Friends,

    Please mark your calendars for June 21st 9.30pm at Satalla!

    Come hear Monika Jalili : NoorSaaz perform beautiful Iranian/Persian folk and old pop songs on June 21st at Satalla in Manhattan.

    After six months spent preparing a CD, Monika and the band are having a "CD Preview Performance." The band is composed of Monika Jalili (voice), Megan Weeder (violin), Timothy Quigley (percussion), Mavrothis Kontanis (oud), and Nathan Dillon (guitar).


    When: 9.30pm June 21st 2005 -- Summer Solstice

    Venue: Satalla (dinner and dessert available)

    Location: 37 West 26th Street Between Broadway and 6th Avenue

    Phone: 212.576.1155

    URL: or

    Tickets will be $15 at the door.

    We hope to see you there.

    If you can be in New York City on June 21st, consider planning for a night of music. In any case, feel free to forward this announcement to your friends and family in the area who might be interested.

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